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Is This Scabies Reinfestation Or Part of the Healing Process – Understanding the Itching and Redness

A lot of people ask about scabies reinfestation because after treatment with the pesticide cream there can still be itching and redness for weeks. Scabies is caused by parasites and they are microscopic. Usually, they are attracted to heat and the smell of their host. A person with scabies can have blisters and crusts on the different areas of the skin depending on the severity of the condition. Usually, the symptoms of scabies will not immediately show up right away due to the incubation period. However, once the mites have already infested your skin, you will experience the typical manifestations such as extreme itchiness and the presence of rash in the various areas of the skin.

The initial symptoms that you will experience would be intense itching with the appearance of rashes probably caused by the allergic reaction to the protein and feces of the scabies mites. The itchiness is usually worse at night time. Scabies are usually affecting skin areas with folds such as those in between your fingers, wrists, waist, buttocks, and those on your elbow. For children, scabies would be common on the head, scalp, and neck. This is a contagious disease that can be caught through direct contact. Sometimes you can also acquire it through beddings or clothing.

The pustules can become extremely itchy especially during at night so the tendency is to scratch the area; however, scratching will not help because it can only aggravate the condition and can trigger infection leading to a more serious problem. Once you have already experienced the symptoms of scabies, you should immediately consult your physician. You will be prescribed with medications such as a pesticide cream or lotion to be applied on your skin. These lotions and creams will kill the scabies mites as well as the eggs laid on your skin. The lotion will be left on your skin for eight to fourteen hours then it'll be rinsed off. The doctor can also recommend a second treatment after the initial treatment. Usually, antihistamines will also be added in the treatment regimen in order to prevent the itchiness or make it more tolerable.

People wonder if they've been reinfested because the itching can continue on for weeks. To make sure that reinfestation will not occur it is advised that family members also receive treatment simultaneously even if they show no symptoms. Aside from that, bedding and clothing should be washed and dried at high temperature to ensure that the mite eggs and the termites will be killed and to prevent reinfestation. Carpets should also be vacuumed to ensure that no traces of scabies will be left. If these precautions are taking the mites should be eradicated. Since you can also get dryness and a rash due to the pesticide cream itself, it is good to not get alarmed if you still are experiencing symptoms after your treatment with the pesticide cream. If the symptoms persist, speak with your doctor to determine the cause of this rash.

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