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Itchy Pug – Itching Scratching Series

The itchy Pug may suffer from allergic skin disease. Allergic skin disease in the Pug may be caused by an adverse food reaction to a food allergy. Allergic skin disease in the Pug may be caused by canine atopic dermatitis.

Flea allergy dermatitis is common and easy to treat. Flea allergy dermatitis usually involves the dog scratching or rubbing its back and the base of the tail. Flea dirt which looks like black specks will be seen against the skin deep in the dogs’ hair coat.

Food allergy the Pug may start very early in life. If your Pug had skin and ear problems from the day you brought it home as a puppy, your Pug may well have a food allergy. Food allergy causes chronic ear infection, itchy rashes and an itchy bottom which causes scooting (rubbing the anus along the floor).

The itchy Pug may have canine atopic dermatitis. Canine atopic dermatitis is an allergy to pollen, dust mites and household spores. The allergens can be inhaled or breathed in, ingested by licking the skin or can pass transdermally. Until recently, it was thought that canine atopic dermatitis was caused by inhaled allergens. This is still partly true but the vast majority of allergen passes transdermally across the skin. This is because the dog with canine atopic dermatitis has a faulty skin barrier. The protective skin barrier is deficient in a protein called sphingosine. The skin loses moisture and dries out and pollens come in causing an allergic reaction which manifests as an itchy rash.

There are some natural treatments that really work. It is best to seek a qualified opinion on natural treatment. There is a lot of uninformed opinion that is promoting treatments that are unsatisfactory.

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