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Itchy Red Rash on Back, Lower Back, and Breast Bone – Part of Candidiasis?

This article will briefly explain about itchy red rash on your body when you also have candidiasis, based on a true case of a friend. He is male, late 40’s. He took lots of antibiotics for a chronic prostate infection for 12 years. He has developed food sensitivities over the last several years to dairy, wheat, oats and eggs that he knows of. He hasn’t been on much as of the last several years, still maybe once a year for 10 days.

He has had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) since his teens. He now fights to control chronic diarrhea. He has taken probotics for the last 10 months which helps some issues. He has a white coating on the tongue which the probotics helps reduce. He thinks like he fits the candidiasis profile, and is now looking into his options to turn it around. His questions are displayed below.

1. Naturally is there some anti-diarrhea that doesn’t contribute to the candidiasis?

2. In recent years during the summer when he perspires, the areas of strong perspiration (back, lower back, breast bone) turns into an intensely itchy red rash that takes several days to go away. Would it make sense that this is part of the candidiasis?

I don’t have sufficient experiences about above problem, but I do have input from some of my friends who also have similar symptoms. One of my friend’s input is displayed below.

He too had diarrhea for a very long time. However, he changed his diet somewhat and it has helped. He lost almost 30 pounds and he is sure it was because he had candida rampant throughout his system. He also has seborrheic dermatitis which is a form of eczema. It is also caused by candida.

He gets it on his face around his nasal area, and only recently because of so much stress. He has had it around his hairline and around his ears. He has read that it also commonly occurs on the breast bone. Seborrheic dermatitis is a red itchy type rash. Personally, he’d rather has in other areas than on his face, at least he could hide it!

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