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Jack Russell Allergies

There is no doubt that caring for your dog is one of the most important responsibilities you have as his owner. More serious matters such as health, grooming and Jack Russell allergies should top your priority. Knowing what to do in case this happens is vital towards having a healthy and active dog.

The causes of dog allergies are pretty much the same with humans. This condition may already be part of his genetic makeup. In this case, it is best to consult your veterinarian on what you can do. External factors may also influence your dog’s overall health. This includes exposure to outside elements, his diet and common household chemicals among others.

Allergies may also be the result of pests that you have missed. Fleas, ticks and other parasites will surely cause harm on your dog’s health. It is best to check for these critters every time you give your dog his bath. Certain medications and dietary supplements may also be at fault here.

Remarkably, reactions are also similar to Jack Russell allergies. The most common irritants often result in red skin under the coat. Your dog may also start sneezing and coughing all over the place. His eyes may also start to water and he may begin to become inactive. If your dog is showing any of these, he may already have some form of allergy.

Unless you are an expert, it is best to leave this problem to a licensed veterinarian. For the best results, bring your dog once you suspect that he has allergies. Give as much detail as possible so the vet knows what he is dealing with. He needs all the information he can get to prescribe the proper medication for this condition.

Depending on his findings, a veterinarian may recommend one of many treatments for Jack Russell allergies. Testing may be done to determine the exact cause of the said condition. Steroids are used to stifle the immune system to make the reactions less severe. Regular vaccination may also be explored as a viable alternative solution.

Of course prevention goes a long way in solving this kind of problem. Be sure to check your dog’s shampoo for any ingredient that may cause irritation. Proper and regular bathing must also be observed. A balanced diet is also an important thing to consider. Like humans, dogs need vitamins and minerals for a healthy body and immune system as well.

The key to having a healthy dog is to give him everything he needs for a strong immune system. This is where proper diet, good grooming and exercise come in. Better yet, preventing Jack Russell allergies from ever happening is perhaps the best solution of all.

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