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Natural Treatments For Minor Skin Problems

The drug companies are making a fortune off of us, and not just for major problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and just about everything else that can put you into an early grave, but for minor problems as well. If anything, the amount of money spent on things like creams and ointments is staggering. And the worst part is, a lot of these things don’t even work, or worse, are harmful to your body. Well, there’s no need to put harmful substances onto your body. In this article, we’re going to go over some natural and very effective treatments for a couple of minor skin problems. Make a note of these for the next time you suffer from heat rash or some other annoying condition.

Let’s start with oily skin. Most people don’t even understand why their skin is so oily, so an explanation is in order. There are glands in the body called sebaceous glands. These glands secrete oil onto the skin. What happens is that these glands become overactive and produce more oil than they should. When this happens, the excess oil clogs your pours. A major reason for this is heredity. But a lot of this problem can be controlled through diet and stress management. Yes, stress is a major contributing factor to oily skin.

The treatments for oily skin are very simple and completely natural. For starters, you want to keep your skin clean and be careful about what cosmetics you use. Some can produce reactions which will cause your skin to oil up quickly. Wash your face twice a day with a natural soap without moisturizers. This will dry out your skin very well. Make sure you wash with hot water and then rinse with cold to close the pours. You can also use mud packs to remove oil. There are many good and natural ones on the market. And finally, if you smoke, stop. Smoking is a huge contributor to oily skin because it increases the size of your pours.

What about if you happen to get heat rash in the summer, which is quite common? Many people think heat rash that just happens to anyone because it’s hot. The truth is, heat rash occurs because of poor diet, overwork and not enough rest. Because of these factors, the skin has become too acidic.

To combat heat rash without creams and ointments, there are several things you can do, naturally. For starters, take a soda alkaline bath. This will help to bring down the acidity of the rash itself. Simply fill your bathtub with water at about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Take a cup of baking soda and pour it into the tub. Then just climb in and keep pouring the water over yourself. Sit there for at least 30 minutes. Then get up and drip dry for a few minutes before you pat yourself dry.

To avoid getting heat rash, eat a balanced diet, stay away from junk food, don’t eat meat and don’t smoke or drink alcohol.

Naturally there are more minor skin problems than these, but they all can be treated naturally with very little effort.

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