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Penis Rash Care – Why Specialized Treatment Is Essential

Nothing will drive a man to the search engines faster than the eruption of a penis rash. A rash on the manhood can cause panic, but at the same time, most men are reluctant to reveal their business to a doctor. As a result, it is normal for guys to turn to online sources for information. Unfortunately, the Internet is an imperfect diagnostic tool when a speckled pecker is in play, as rashes can spring up due to a huge number of different triggers, and rashes can look a little different from one body to the next. While treatment by a trained medical professional is always recommended, learning more about what penis rashes typically look like, and how the right penis care might help, could help to alleviate some fears while men wait for their upcoming appointments.

Common Minor Penis Rashes

The average penis lives a sheltered life. It’s hidden away in underwear, blocked by jock straps and covered in latex for intimacy. Not surprisingly, the skin that surrounds this tool tends to be both remarkably sensitive and overwhelmingly reactive, when compared to the skin that covers more exposed areas like the face and hands. Since the penile skin is so protected, it can become irritated due to all sorts of seemingly benign things, including:

1. Laundry detergents

2. Cologne

3. Rough-textured clothing

4. Soap

5. Lubricants

6. Latex

7. Pool chemicals

Rashes that are caused by environmental irritants such as these often look red or pink, and the skin might appear raised and feel sensitive to the touch. Thankfully, these speckles tend to disappear quickly once the offending substance is removed, but it can take some detective work for men to determine just what’s caused the irritation.

Major Member Woes

Minor infections can also spring up in the penile tissue, including those caused by yeast spores. Typically, these infections look a lot like allergic reactions, but they might also come with itching or discharge. As these yeast-based infections grow, men might also notice an unusual odor wafting up from their pants, and they may experience a little pain during urination.

Yeast infections like this can develop due to sexual contact, and unfortunately, there are other rash-like conditions that have been associated with intimate contact, as well, including some highly contagious sexually transmitted infections. For this reason, it is important to seek a professional evaluation in order to treat the condition properly.

Getting the Right Help

A doctor can provide invaluable help during a penis rash crisis. Medical professionals can run a series of blood, urine and skin tests to diagnose the source of the discomfort, and if it’s required, these professionals can provide medications that can help to soothe the distress of diseased tissue. Whenever there’s a question about where the rash originates, a doctor can provide a reassuring answer and an appropriate level of care.

However, many men find that they must wait days or even weeks in order to be seen by their medical treatment professionals. It’s agonizing to wait, and it’s tempting to try DIY techniques to make the redness disappear. Unfortunately, adding at-home treatments to the mix can sometimes make the skin even more irritated and inflamed, and that might make the doctor’s work even harder. In addition, worrying and stressing can make the problem grow to epic proportions, and that might be hard on a man’s underlying mental health.

Staying away from the internet altogether, and steering clear of any sexual activity, could provide a man with a healthy mind and an uncomplicated body he can bring with him to his appointment. Once he’s been through that appointment and is on the way to wellness, adding a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could be an excellent healing step. A product like this can nourish sensitive skin, so the cells will be stronger and more resilient, and the softening, soothing quality of these products can keep skin supple and strong. A penis health crème can’t cure the underlying causes of penis rashes, but they can keep the skin just a touch healthier, and that’s something any man might benefit from.

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