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Penis Sensation Loss – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Penis sensation is typically lost as men age but in specific cases can also occur in younger men. This can be attributed to a number of factors, such as not maintaining the health of penis skin, rough sexual activity, chaffing or constant rubbing of penis skin against clothing during physical activity, aggressive masturbation, or illness that reduces or restricts blood circulation.

Masturbation “dry rubbing” and dry intercourse, especially when practiced frequently, can cause the nerve cells of penis skin to be damaged.

In fact, the skin of the penis is like any other skin on your body, in that, it needs to be cared for and nourished to allow for an active and healthy sex life. This is why many health practitioners recommend using a penis health crème that provides penis specific vitamins and minerals to rejuvenate penis nerve cells be used on a daily basis. Apart from the use of a penis specific crème, it is also advisable that you look critically at your daily life to ascertain what other factors may be contributing to reduced penis sensation.

Other causes for loss of penis sensation may be related to cardiovascular or nerve impairment, medications, or illness.

Some simple conditions that you may encounter, which reduce penis sensitivity include:

Bike Riding – Studies have revealed that riding a bike regularly for a length of time can reduce penis sensation and may even reduce sexual function. This is believed to be associated with the pressure that is placed on perineum while bike riding, which can reduce sensitivity. In fact, one study claimed that some 61% of male cyclists were left with some form of numbness to the penile area after riding a bike for a long duration, and 19% of men reported erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms – lack of sensation in the penis; erectile dysfunction

Treatment – refrain from riding a bike over long distances; regularly use a penis specific crème to maintain good circulation and healthy nerve cells; try and maintain optimal penile health by wearing appropriate clothing to minimize friction caused while riding.

Smoking, Drinking and Medications – Nicotine, alcohol and other medications, whether they are legal or illegal, all have side affects that can diminish penis sensation.

Symptoms – diminished penis sensitivity or sexual function, the inability to gain or maintain an erection, and the loss of sensation in the genital area.

Treatment – decrease the number of cigarettes that you smoke, reduce the amount of alcohol you consume, and avoid the use of illicit drugs. If you are taking a medication for an illness and you believe that this may be affecting your sex life, then please discuss this with your medical practitioners so they can revise your medication. Your practitioners may reduce your dosage, or could possibly change the brand or type of medication that you take, so that your sexual function will improve.

Loss of penis sensation is comparable to men who use their hands for work day-in and day-out, without caring for the skin on their hands. An individual can expect to develop calluses, chaffed skin, possible blisters, etc. And, it is rare for men to look after their skin, whether it is on their hands, face, and feet, or their penis, and yet, all of these parts of the male anatomy require attention.

Health practitioners often recommend a penis health crème that may help men suffering from penis health issues. A quality penis crème ( “Man 1 Man Oil” is recommended ) should contain penis specific vitamins and minerals plus select moisturizers, anti-bacterial properties, vitamin e and, for penis sensitivity issues, specific neurological properties to benefit penis nerve cells.

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