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Piles Symptoms – Find Out If You Have Hemorrhoids

If you are trying to find out about piles symptoms because you think you may have them, the first possible sign is if you notice movements in your colon before or after bowel movements, similar to if you were to have tape worms. You may also start to get itching, rectal pain and eventually some bleeding during bowel movements. The two types of piles (or hemorrhoids) you can suffer from are external and internal piles.

External piles are the main cause of rectal pain and are caused by thrombosed blood vessels also known as clotted piles. This is basically caused by blood building up to form a painful lump under the skin. Sometimes you may have several of these next to each other, which can be very painful. A symptom of external piles is if you find streaks of blood on your tissue paper after passing a stool strenuously.

Internal piles can cause some heavy rectal bleeding, some symptoms are if you find red streaks of blood on your toilet paper or bright red blood in the toiler bowl after a normal bowel movement. You may also notice blood on the surface of the stools.

If we summarise the piles symptoms and their cause:

1) Itching – is the most common symptom because the internal piles can leak mucus causing irritation on the skin causing itching.

2) Irritated Skin – can be caused by the seeping mucus from the large lump protruding out of the anus known as external piles.

3) Discomfort – you may get discomfort after a bowel movement due to a bulge near the end portion of your rectal passage making you think you still need to pass a stool. This discomfort can become worse if this lump becomes larger.

4) Aching pain – internal piles are mostly not painful however an external hemorrhoid that swells up can be painful when squeezing your anus muscles. If you are getting a lot of pain it is possible that blood to the hemorrhoid is getting cut off and you should seek immediate treatment.

Even though rectal bleeding and anal pain can be ideal piles symptoms, other types of illnesses may be the cause, such as anal, rectal or colon cancer. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned in this article it is vital you get them checked out by a health professional to confirm what you have.

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