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Rash After Sun Exposure – Effects on the Skin From Reactions to Sunshine and Heat

If you get a rash after sun exposure, you usually have what it known as prickly heat. Excessive sweating and trapped moisture can result in skin bumps.

Heat related illnesses occur when the body has lost the ability to control the temperature. The person’s normal ability to cool itself by manufacturing sweat has shut down. When this has occurred, it’s important to drop the temperature rapidly or they might experience permanent damage.

Sweating isn’t a good enough tactic once that has occurred to bring the body back to a normal temperature. The brain or other vital organs might become damaged if the body temperature reaches high enough levels. Several things can contribute to such an event. Generally, they’re related to how the body cools itself in extremely hot weather. When you have high humidity, sweat can’t evaporate as well. This inhibits the body’s capacity to release heat quick enough.

Though anyone can get prickly heat, you can see it with the elderly, children under four and for those with obesity issues who are heavy. If you have a fever, or are dehydrated you need to not ignore the situation. Those with heart disease are predisposed towards it. Strangely enough, those who are mentally ill are prone to experience it. Other causes include poor circulation, sunburn, certain prescription drugs and alcohol use. Experiencing a rash after sun exposure is generally not a dangerous thing, unless you’re experiencing heat stroke.

If someone experiences a rash after sun exposure, you should loosen their clothing, particularly unbuttoning their collar and rolling up their sleeves. Cool water can be applied on the head.. One of the fastest ways that you can bring down such a condition is cooling the head. Have them drink cool water rather than cold ice water.

If the surface of their skin has tiny pinprick bumps on it which are all over an area of their body such as their neck or their face, then that’s called miliaria. The cause is when the sweat gets trapped under the skin. This trapped sweat causes inflammation and it will itch quite a bit. It’s commonly seen with babies, but can also occur in adults. If it’s hot and humid and they look like goosebumps, it can be miliaria. Our military troops also can be subject to this because of being at times in extremely hot humid conditions.

When you are dealing with mild forms of heat rash you can wash the affected area with a gentle handsoap such as Jergins, Ivory or Dove. Then rinse the area with water, gently dabbing it dry with a paper towel or wash cloth. Do this several times a day. Corn starch can also be useful for the skin.

Have them immediately take cool showers and get them into a cool area that’s air conditioned (70 – 72 degrees) if you can right after noticing the situation. During the summer months, if someone is prone to prickly heat encourage them to go to malls and indoor movie theaters rather than spend hours outside at the beach.

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