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Re-Educating the Penis – Tricks for Restoring Penile Sensation

A recent men's health survey found that over 87% of all men experience reduced penile sensation, often as early as their teenage years. Loss of penis sensation can be a serious problem, leading to loss of sexual enjoyment and even impotence. On the other hand, a large number of men have benefited from some of the techniques described in this article, which have allowed them to effectively "retrain" the penis to experience pleasurable tactile sensation through the use of manual stimulation and penis-specific vitamins and minerals.

Before going over these methods, it is helpful to understand what causes loss of penile sensation in the first place.

Masturbation scarring – Frequent, aggressive masturbation can cause microscopic fissures in the penile skin. As these fissures heal, the dermal tissue becomes thicker and tougher in order to resist re-injury. This toughened skin creates a barrier that makes it more difficult to stimulate the nerves below the skin's surface, leading to loss of penis sensation.

Overstimulation – Overstimulation through frequent masturbation or sex, especially when it is done in the same way, time after time, can deaden the nerves in the area, limiting the ability to experience erotic sensation.

Poor circulation – Limited circulation can lead to reduced sensation in the penis, as the skin and nerve cells are not properly oxygenated. Tight clothing, being overweight, and sports such as cycling and horseback riding can restrict circulation to the penis, leading to loss of sensitivity.

Skin irritation – Irritation of the delicate penile skin can be caused by numerous factors, including cold weather, heat rash, harsh detergents, skin allergies, eczema, psoriasis, and so on. As with masturbation scarring, skin that is frequently irritated may develop a callus-like layer, preventing adequate sensation.

Circumcision – This surgical procedure involves cutting away some of the most sensitive skin from the penis, and multiple studies have found that circumcision is a factor in loss of penile sensation.

How to restore penile sensation: 5 tips

1. Soft touch – Men of all ages can benefit from this technique, which involves re-educating the penis to detect soft touch, rather than only responding to aggressive handling. Keeping the eyes closed and using a feather or soft piece of fabric (such as silk), or asking a partner to gently run his / her fingers up and down the shaft, can stimulate the nerves in a new way and effectively train them to experience a new range of sensation.

2. Cold – Using an ice cube to perform the technique described above can also help to open new nerve pathways, allowing for increased penis sensation. Using this method as part of foreplay can increase the erotic experience.

3. Abstinence – For some men, taking a break from masturbation or sex for several days may be all that is needed to allow the skin's natural rejuvenating properties to take over, healing damaged tissue and restoring normal penis sensation.

4. Lubrication – Dry rubbing is often a source of irritation and can lead to callusing of the penile skin. Making sure to use a personal lubricant during masturbation and sex is important in retaining or restoring penis sensitivity.

5. Skin and nerve support – Like the rest of the body, the penile skin and nerve tissue need proper nutrient support in order to function properly. Vitamin crèmes that are absorbed directly into the penis can keep the skin soft, supple, and responsive, helping to prevent injury and scarring. A specially designed penis vitamin formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing penis-specific vitamins color : such color : as A, B5, C, D, and E, color : as well natural moisturizers color : such color : as shea butter, can help to restore function of the the natural balance to the skin and nerve tissue, increasing the ability to experience erotic stimulation and reducing the risk of further damage to the penis skin.

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