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Reducing Rash Scars – How to Improve Skin Smoothness

There are multiple ways to reduce the scars which certain rashes can leave behind after they disappear. Aloe with vitamin E has proven to be one of the best remedies for both stretch marks and scars on the body which are the results of past rashes. By liberally applying it to the affected areas on a daily basis, you should begin to notice a marked change in the way it looks and feels. Many people use aloe as a solution to dry skin problems. Another option is getting lotion with aloe in it as well as some vitamin E capsules. Although it probably won’t smell all that great, it will do wonders for your skin.

Another way of dealing with scars that just won’t seem to fade is consuming lots of foods which are rich in vitamin K. Some of these foods include asparagus, green tea, cheese, soybeans, eggs, and Brussels sprouts. All of these will help the blood to clot normally and give your skin the kind of treatment it needs to help recover and smooth out. While you may not notice your scars disappear altogether, it will be more than likely that you will notice a positive change over time. If you have problems with scars on your skin, you should avoid any infections by making sure that all cuts on the skin are closed up with bandage until they heal properly.

Since vitamin E is so effective at healing skin, you might want to consider taking supplements which can be purchased from any drugstore. This will speed along the healing process, allowing your scars to start turning into normal skin tissue. Other natural remedies for scars include vitamin A, zinc, and silicea gel. All of these can help to reduce scarring which is the result from rashes you have contracted in the past. Although most of the time they go away, some of them don’t. Another way to start noticing a difference in how your skin looks in certain areas is by getting deep tissue massages.

These types of massages can be especially therapeutic for those who have scarring problems. Getting regular massages will help to keep the areas of your skin where there is scarring from drying out and becoming cracked or even infected. If you choose to go this route, it is important to go to someone who is a licensed massage therapist. By doing this you will get the most for your time and money. There are many different people out there that specialize in this type of skin treatment, so it is highly recommended that you take the time to find a good one with plenty of past experience.

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