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Ringworm Rash – Can It Become Permanent?

Ringworm rashes can produce permanent scarring of the skin. That's why it is very important to treat ringworm the right way, so that the fungal infection does not come back. Read on to learn more.

Ringworm rash is caused by the secretions of the ringworm fungi, which irritate and attack the skin. All fungi have a defensive mechanism to fight other fungi, which may compete for food and breeding ground. When fungi start growing on the skin, these chemicals attack the skin, produce rash and scarring, which can become permanent if the infection is not treated correctly. The anti-fungal drugs prescribed by most doctors rarely eliminate ringworm permanently, and usually cause people to struggle for months and years, trying to eliminate the infection. This type of fungal infection is extremely uncomfortable and can produce permanent scars.

Oral anti-fungal drugs often times work better than creams. However, both of these products have one major flaw – spores or fungi still remain trapped in hairs on the skin, and the infection returns in a matter of days, weeks or months, usually in a place, close to the previous. If you do not treat ringworm right, your whole skin becomes affected and little scars become apparent, sometimes permanently. The ringworm infection often affects the skin on the face, and that's a major reason why sufferers have so much trouble fighting it. In extreme cases, doctors may prescribe contact spray or gel, combined with oral medication. The combination of the two does work, but has a high rate or relapse. The natural way to deal with such infections often works best – simply create an environment in the body, in which the fungi can not multiply. Once that is done, the infection, as well as any scarring associated with it, quickly subsides, and you are free of the condition in about 2 days. Some doctors are aware of this form of treatment, while other continue to prescribe the oral and contact medication, which often does more harm than good.

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