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Skin Care Tips – Natural Skin Peel

Every woman wants to have beautiful and healthy skin, but for this you need to know how to take care of it and to pay great attention to your skin care. Many women understand the need for skin hydration, for cleaning, for solar protection, but not the need of peeling.

Or on the contrary, some women use too often this procedure. Dry skin and dead cells block the pores, which encourage the appearance of acne and other problems. By exfoliating the skin, dead cells are removed and so, a new layer of skin appears brighter and healthier.

The results of peeling can be seen through: the reduction and the appearance of wrinkles, a more uniform skin color and a brighter skin, scars to see less, the skin appears younger. Not only your face should benefit from such treatment, you should exfoliate your entire body: arms, legs, shoulders, elbows.

There are two types of exfoliation: chemical and abrasive peeling.Chemical peel contain acids that help to remove dead cells easily. This type of exfoliation can be done either with the peeling tool or abrasive peel. Abrasive exfoliation is based on creams or lotions that contain abrasive particles of natural products.

Here are some natural products which may help you to peel your skin. Get 6-7 cubes of sugar or half a cup of salt. Salt and sugar will be the abrasives ingredients, providing a smooth exfoliation, but with great efficiency over the skin. Add in a bowl over salt or sugar, half a cup of oil and then mix up the two ingredients to homogenize. You may drop a few drops of perfume, for a more delicate scent, but it is not required.

Apply the content on a wet skin, using a circular motion with a glove, bath sponge or even your own hands. Or, mix in a bowl, sugar with honey and shower gel. With a sponge, take this mixture and apply it on the skin of your body.

You will enjoy a successful exfoliation. You can also make a mixture of corn flour or bran and shower gel and a little yogurt. In addition to exfoliation, your body needs and immediate hydration. You can find shops with exfoliating cosmetic products that contain abrasive particles and have favorable outcomes.

Concerning the chemical peel, you should avoid it, or don’t use it very much if it burns your skin. Generally, the skin needs exfoliating twice a week to look smooth and illuminated. Excessive peeling will eliminate healthy cells from the skin surface and make the skin look dry. If you exfoliate your skin before going out, it is necessarily to apply a sunscreen cream.

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