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Skin Care Tips – Water Gives You Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Not many people consider water having medicinal effects on the human biological system. Water plays an essential role in our lives without which our bodies wouldn’t exist. Water is extremely healthy for maintaining a good skin, as well as a healthy body.

Water is a very natural ingredient which can be used to achieve a glowing and radiant skin and is vital to the overall functionality of the body to regenerate new, healthy skin cells. There are a couple of ways by using water we can achieve a beautiful skin.

The first important thing you do when you wake up in the morning is, wash your face with ice cold water. It calms the mind, makes you feel fresh from within reducing the stress that could be one of the causes in the breakdown of skin protein collagen and elastin. Soon after brushing your teeth, splash ice cold water on your face, and this would nourish the skin surface.

The other method is all the more obvious, which is to drink as much water possible. Drink at least 8 glasses of water or a minimum of 3 litres every day. It nourishes the body from the inside, and provides it with natural nutrients and minerals to exude beautiful and glowing skin. Maintaining a good bowel movement is one of the most important factors to procuring a healthy skin. If you are having problems with your bowel, drink at least one litre of water soon after you wake up, even before you brush your teeth. The water cleanses the whole system, and acts as a laxative and clears your bowel, which means, all the toxic waste accumulated in the blood is gushed out which allows enough time for the oxygen to act upon the skin and rejuvenate it.

You can drink water in the morning even if you are not facing problems with your bowel. As you continue this practice, you will see a quick change in the radiance and softness of your skin all over your body within a week’s time.

How to know if you are drinking enough water? The first thing is, you need to be visiting the toilet at least once per hour, and if not, drink more water. Do away with creams and adopt the natural way to obtain a healthy and vital skin, and drink more water.

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