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Skin Disorders – Can Fish Oil Omega3 Improve Skin Health?

Skin disorders such as acne, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis may benefit from a regular fish oil supplement. Omega-3 fatty acids are important to skin health in several ways. They may even reduce your risk of wrinkles and sagging. Here’s a look at why fish oil is being recommended for skin disorders of all kinds.

Cause of Skin Disorders – Problems

When it comes to poor skin health, nutrient deficits are often responsible. In cases of essential fatty acid deficiency, dermatitis is always present. Dermatitis is a blanket term that means inflammation of the skin. It can be caused by perfume or other types of allergies. It accompanies eczema, psoriasis and seborrhea. Too much heat, cold, environmental toxins and insect bites can also cause it.

Benefits of Fish Oil

Increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids is beneficial for all kinds of these skin disorders, because it has natural inflammation fighting activity. They are also beneficial for skin health, because they are a primary component of sebum.

Sebum is the skin’s natural lubricant or moisturizer, if you prefer. It forms a protective barrier that prevents damage from pathogens and the elements. So a fish oil supplement is often recommended for people with dry, itchy skin.

Researchers looked at the benefit of omega-3 fatty acids for reducing sagging. They found that after three months of supplementation, there was a 10% improvement in firmness. So, not only is fish oil good for skin health, it is good for the appearance, as well. Firmer skin looks less wrinkled.

Why Take Fish Oil?

Many doctors recommend omega-3 fatty acids for their patients with acne for several reasons; first, because of its anti-inflammatory activity. A pimple is actually an inflammation of the hair follicle. Hair follicles are present all over the body, even though the hairs that come from them may be tiny and fair in color.

Second, skin disorders such as acne are often accompanied by depression and poor mental health. Omega-3 fatty acids have proven benefits for relieving depression. Chromium, zinc and selenium are also recommended for skin health, as is beta-carotene and biotin.

The hair, nails and skin are closely related, because of the similar components. Often, an underlying nutritional deficiency is the cause of dryness of the hair and skin, as well as brittle nails. Flaking scalp or dandruff is actually a skin problem.

Itching, rashes and hives are often caused by low production of sebum. Changes in the skin’s color are sometimes related to low levels of vitamin E, which also causes the hair to be dry and brittle. Thus, the nutrients that are important to the skin’s health are also beneficial to the appearance of the hair and the strength of the finger nails.

Fish oil is known to significantly improve the health of the hair and the nails. The hair becomes more shiny and lustrous. Itchy dry skin resolves and finger nails grow faster.

Whether you have skin disorders or want to avoid them, supplementation is recommended. It’s good for your health today and tomorrow. For more information on how fish oil can improve your appearance and overall health, please see my website listed below. Larry L. Taylor

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