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Skin Disorders


Description from the encyclopaedia:

Vitiligo (pronounced vit laigou is a chronic disorder that causes depigmention of skin. It occurs when melanocytes,the cells responsible for the pigmentation die or are unable to function.


There is no know cause of vitiligo,but research suggest that may arise from autoimmune, genetic, oxidative stress, the incidence worldwide is less than 1% the most common form is Non Segment Vitiligo. The aetiology of these discolourations in unknown but sometimes congenital.


Begining in small patches of pigmentation,generally around the mouth,eyes and genitalia.

The patches converge to form fairly larger ares of discolour. Lack of pigmentations, are not always noticeable in Caucasians but can be disastrous in black and Asians skin.

Black and asian people fairly often suffer from “Leukomelanodemas” from the Greek leukos: white, melanos: black and derma: skin.


There are no know cure at the moment but there are treatments that can help make the condition more comfortable. Wearing of high factor sun block,applied on exposed areas of vitiligo to prevent sunburn, in very hot wearing of a wide brim hat and long sleeved clothing to protect effected areas. While waiting for internal treatment to show results(or to fail) which unfortunately also happens, cosmetic camouflage can be used.


Generalized Vitiligo, most common pattern, wide and randomly distributed of pigmentation.

Universal Vitiligo, depigmentation encompasses most of the body.

Focal Vitiligo, one or a few scattered maculae’s in one area most common in children.

AcroSacrificial Vitiligo, fingers, and periorificial areas.

Mucosal Vitiligo depigmentation of any mucous membrance.

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