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Skin Rash Treatment – Rule of Thumb, Don’t Be Dumb – Don’t Scratch It!

When treating a skin rash first look for the obvious causes of the outbreak. Is the skin being chafed by an article of tight clothing? Check to see if there are any other conditions contributing to the outbreak. Is it in the groin area, with urine burning the skin? Is it in the vaginal area- is yeast infection a possibility? Could it be a spider bite? What about chemicals? Poison Ivy or Poison Oak? Think fast, chemicals and spider bites can produce long term problems.

Think about what you’ve been doing in the past 24 hours. Have you been in the woods-close to any plants like Poison Ivy or Poison Oak? Have you been around any caustic chemicals such as paint thinner, gasoline or lye? Even bleach or dish detergent can cause a reaction. This is very important in determining proper skin rash treatment.

Think about it while you’re loosening the clothing and letting the skin breathe. Next, get a clean (sterile if possible) cloth with warm water and lightly begin to clean the rash. Do not wash outside the affected area to avoid spreading the rash. If it is just a rash caused by chafing, loosening the clothing and the application of a moisturizing lotion or ointment should take care of it. Use a lighter crème such as Noxzema or a baza crème which will allow the skin to breathe. Apply it liberally and often. If it is in the groin area, make sure that it’s kept clean from urine and sweat. Medicated baby powder will help.

If chafing wasn’t the cause and it’s not caused by a chemical, look for signs of a spider bite. It can be a small reddish brown or white dot surrounded by a larger red, blotchy area. It may or may not itch, but don’t scratch it! Most spider bites are not much more than a nuisance. However, if you think it could be from a poisonous spider such as a Brown Recluse or Black Widow, call your doctor. Bites from these are very rarely fatal and then only in infants or the elderly, but can produce long term neurological damage. Generally the symptoms are flu-like and pass within a day or two. Again, call your doctor to be on the safe side.

If you suspect it is only Poison Oak or Ivy, use Calamine lotion as recommended by your pharmacist. Wash all the clothing that was worn and clean anything that could have come in contact with the plants. This includes bicycles or tackle boxes. Take care and wear gloves and don’t allow your skin to come in contact any place the plants may have been. I can’t stress enough that you have to have a pretty good idea of what the cause is to determine the proper skin rash treatment.

If the Vaginal area is affected it, may be a yeast infection. The symptoms may be redness in the area and pain during urination or sex. There are over the counter remedies such as Monistat, but it is best to see a doctor. Over two-thirds of the medicine purchased over-the-counter for yeast infections do not help because the diagnosis was wrong. The over use of these substances can set you up for a real yeast infection because your body is building up a resistance to the drug.

First aid will work if the condition is not serious but you have to think fast. If it persists call a doctor or your local poison control center. Don’t take chances. Make sure that you’re using the proper skin rash treatment.

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