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Skin Whitening – Combining More Active Compounds for Better Results

The billion dollars cosmetics and skin care industry has been flourishing year after year, with the creation of better and more advanced products especially for removal of brown spots and skin whitening. These companies provide huge funding for their research and development division with the end goal of capturing more market share. Some companies stay true to its claims of effectiveness, but there are some who do not care much about the danger of side effects to users; other than the company’s profits. As a consumer, it is crucial that we sufficiently arm ourselves with the knowledge and literacy on the active compounds and ingredients that are in these skin care products. This is to safeguard ourselves and reduce the heartaches and pain of using unsafe skin whitening products.

For these skin whitening treatment to work, it would need 2 compulsory processes. First, the melanin inhibition process which reduces the amount of melanin being produced. Tyrosinase, which is the enzyme that triggers melanin production, is the target of these skin bleaching compounds. With less melanin in the skin, there will be less dark pigments that appear in the skin. The second method is the exfoliation process. AHA and BHA are the active compounds that are responsible for this process; which will peel off dead skin cells, so that new and healthy skin tissues can grow to the skin surface, and replace the spotted area.

We can buy and use skin whitening product that has more active compounds in them, for faster result. For instance, skin bleaching creams that have hydroquinone and gluconic acid, can inhibit melanin production better and faster. Vitamin C is a good substance to be included in these products as the antioxidant property of Vitamin C can prevent skin cells from premature aging. There are also some active compounds that could retain moisture inside the skin layer. When you are going through these skin bleaching products’ labels, look for the active compound that can inhibit melanin production primarily. Then look for other secondary active ingredients, that can provide protection against skin dryness and has anti-aging benefits. This will give more values for your money and faster results from your skin care products.

There will always be risks in using chemical compounds that are in these skin care products, especially to users who have sensitive skins. For this group of users, there are alternative skin whitening products and treatments that are natural and safe. These alternative skin whitening treatments can also achieve the same whitening results, but without the risks of side effects.

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