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Skin Whitening – What Causes Dark Facial Spots?

If you, your baby or someone else has dark spots on the face, you want to know why? These spots can develop at any age, from new-borns to the elderly, and can result from one of three primary causes.


At birth or within a month after birth, many babies will have an area of skin discoloration commonly referred to as a birthmark. Though all the reasons for birthmarks appearing are not known, it is believed that one reason is that blood vessels below the skin in the area of the mark are deformed. Sometimes, birthmarks disappear in a few years. Even if they don’t, they are harmless.


Another type of dark facial spot is a mole. Some consider them birthmarks but they can appear at any age and change size and shape over a period of time. Moles can range in color from light brown to black and be raised or flat. The coagulation of melanin is the cause of moles. They should be watched and any changes, such as size, shape and color, should be noted as they could be a sign of possible skin cancer.

Sun Light

Of course, the third cause of dark spots on the face is too much exposure to the sun. Though this can cause dark spots on anyone at any age, elderly and fair-skinned people are the ones most often affected. When a person is in the sun too long without skin protection such as a sunscreen, the pigment producing melanin increases production, resulting in uneven darkened areas of skin. In the elderly, there are often referred to as age spots.


One more cause of dark spots on the face is not mentioned above because it only occurs in women and then only during pregnancy or while taking birth control pills. It is most often referred to as ‘the pregnancy mask’. These spots are believed to result from the hormones released during pregnancy causing an increase in the production of melanin when the pregnant woman is in the sun for more than very short periods.

Women whose skin color is naturally light brown and who lives in parts of the world where they are exposed to intense sunlight are the most vulnerable to developing the pregnancy mask. It usually disappears on its own a few months after giving birth or discontinuing birth control.

The best thing to do is to try to avoid getting dark spots on your face by avoiding the causes when possible. But if you already have them, there are some things you can do to hide, lighten or even get rid of them. Usually, makeup will cover them quite well. For some, that may be enough but many prefer to at least lighten them.

There are many skin whitening creams on the market to whiten your skin but they can be rather expensive. Most skin whitening creams all contain same active ingredients which can be found in every day fruits and flower.

Swabbing the spots two times a day with fresh lemon juice will cause them to lighten over a period of about eight weeks. You can also try rubbing a red onion slice on the spots one time each day. The spots will fade gradually as the onion causes the skin’s top layers to peel.

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