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Snake Baby is the Result of Gene Mutation Caused by Harlequin Ichthyosis

For some unexplained reason a human gene may mutate which will result in the birth of what is a so-called “Snake Baby.” The mutation will cause a skin disease called harlequin ichthyosis that would lead to a severe deformation of the physical features of the fetus due to the crack of the skin which really look like the scales of a snake.

Upon birth, the child may suffer too much pain as the cracking of the skin includes wounds and bleeding. The eyes are bulging and are reddish in color making them look like the eyes of “aliens” which you can see in the movies. Aside from that, they are also bleeding. The nose may be absent leaving only two holes in the place where it should be. The same thing happens to the ears. The mouth is rounded and big enough to be called “normal” for a newborn baby; it resembles the mouth of a snake, too.

The worst thing is, the newborn child has only a day or two to live. Severe bacterial infection is likely the cause of the sudden death or the failure in respiratory system. There are complications in the internal organs of the baby making it hard to live.

The first reported incident can be traced back since 1750 when a reverend in Charlestown, South Carolina was called to bless or anoint a dying child. He made a confession thereafter that he had witnessed a pitiful creature that needs medical help and put up a small amount to help the family.

While it was difficult for medical science to treat such disease due to lack of research and facilities, the same case happen in 1984 when a woman gave birth to yet another harlequin child. By the intervention of science, the child survived making her the oldest of all harlequin disease survivors–she is now 26 years old.

Although, others are skeptical about this, there are documentaries which can prove that there were harlequin births. In fact, the reported cases may reach up to 400 cases of harlequin births, however, only a few survived longer and only one survivor reaches 26 years old and still lives.

Harlequin Ichthyosis Disease is not just a disease; it is a mutation of human genes. Thus, ethnicity and age have nothing to do with it and anyone can have it. Although, there are modern facilities to help doctors recognize a disease like this, the thought of giving birth to a pitiful baby scares all mothers.

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