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Testicle Itch: 7 Reasons And Causes Why Men Scratch Their Testicles And Without Shame

Testicle itch. What is it with men and their privates? Regardless of who stands next to them, and without shame they openly scratch their bits or play with themself. Maybe not play as in masturbate, but it can appear to look like this the way some blokes man handle their John Thomas.

Men have no shame, if they are not fiddling with their testicles to arrange them to hang to the left or to the right to get comfort, they are scratching them without giving any consideration to those in his company.

While itchy testicles for some guys be embarrassing, there are guys that wouldn’t batter an eyelid and will scratch away at their bits like there was tomorrow, no matter how much those around him blush.

Testicle itching isn’t jotted down as something serious, but noted more for the discomfort and embarrassment scenario.

There are several reasons for itching the scrotum sac, some harmless, and some not so harmless. Scrotum itching is normally brought about by fungal infection, allergies and particular parasites.

Have you got Phthirus Pubis?

If you have then you’ll likely be peed off having to scratch your penis and scrotum sac every morning noon and night. Oops, don’t know what Phthirus Pubis is? Phthirus Pubis is another name for pubic lice or crabs. Crabs feed on human blood which they generally suck from genital skin. Their bite can cause intense itching.They commonly spread through sexual contact but can be got in other ways. Stray lice can attach themselves to sheets, blankets, towels, even clothes. Cream and soaps specially created to rid crabs do work, but if pubic skin is badly infested a prescription may be needed. It’s hard to prevent itch if the groin area is crawling. If pubic hair is over-run with lice – picking them out one by one won’t rid them altogether. Mites that have entered the skin are easily missed. Treat crabs sooner than later to stop the embarrassment it may cause you, and the likes of me, if the urge to scratch is there.

Genital Scabies

is not a life threatening disease. The word scabies does sound frightening, but don’t fear it! Scabies is caused by Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis – a round body eight-legged bug that is less than 0.5 mm long. Symptoms include severe itch which is a result of irritating secretions the itch mite shoots into the flesh.

Jock itch (Tinea cruris).

Trichophyton Rubrum is the named fungus behind this condition. It is also primarily responsible for causing athletes foot. Although known mostly in athletic men, it affects just as many females too. Jock itch symptoms include severe itch, mostly on the testicles, inner thighs, and rectum, along with red rash with scaly edges. Rash as a rule develops in the folds of the skin and from here it spreads. Tinea cruris is treated with topical spray and creams, but not every case that use these meds are a success, so the patient will likely need stronger medication from a doctor. Although anti-fungal creams are effective for treating testicle itch, they are not going to be as effective for treating an undiagnosed condition that requires a different approach and medication to cure it. Seek medical attention for a stubborn itch.

Yeast Infection:

Men with itchy testicles often doubt this type of infection being their problem, believing it to be a woman’s thing, well it isn’t! Yeast infection is usually caused by Candida albicans which is a type of fungus. Symptoms to look out for are irritation, burning, itching, and pain in the groin.

Genital warts

are known to cause itch, but not intense, and supposedly not a painful condition either. Occasional bleeding can occur. Warts can look flat or like cauliflower florets. They can develop singly or grouped. Warts can happen on the anus, but more often found on the penis and under the foreskin. Another location is the urethra where warts can protrude at times.


symptoms include red or pink patches of thickened skin covered with whitish scales which can be itchy. Uncomplicated psoriasis is not serious as it is annoying, but itch and having to scratch it can cause inflammation and cracks in the skin, and a secondary bacterial infection or fungal infection of the local skin and tissues.

Things like soap, washing detergent, bath gel

and tight clothing can cause scrotum discomfort, rash and itching. Be more particular with the products you use, and those crown jewels of yours can only be described as being the Dogs B… ks!

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