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The Facts About Acrochordon

The skin being the largest organ on the body will quite naturally be prone to several disorders. One such disorder is acrochordon. An acrochordon, which is more popularly called a skin tag is not gender specific, both men and women are prone to developing the condition. An acrochordon or cutaneous skin tag is a skin condition where small benign tumours are formed on the surface of the skin.

Basically, the appearance of acrochordon is distortion of the skin where legions or bumps appear in the folds of the body. Hence, these may be more prevalent in areas such as the groin, neck or armpits. Acrochordon target other fleshy areas such as under the breasts.

Acrochordon is more commonly found in the regions of the body with excess skin. At these locations the folds of skin rub continuously against each other and the stalks or skin tags begin to appear. Acrochordon can appear as small as a pinhead or bump slightly raised from the skin.

Skin tags mostly take to the pigmentation or skin colour of the affected area, but they can also have different colour from that of the host as in instances they are darker than the skin.

Being harmless skin growths, acrochordon give the appearance of hanging off the skin and are sometimes thought to be signifying more serious medical conditions. If uncertain, a doctor must be consulted.

The simple truth is that certain people are at risk of developing acrochordon and these include people who are obese, those suffering from gigantism, insulin resistance, type II diabetes, skin chafing and aggravation and pregnancy.

For the most part, skin tags do not cause any physical problems, if irritated they can become a problem. In certain cases, acrochordon has been aggravated by constant chafing caused by clothing, jewellery or shaving. Ironically, shaving is a way that skin tags can be removed.

Some skin tags do not need to be treated medically, as they sometimes simply fall off the body. This is usually a painless development. The times in which the acrochordon fall away from the affected area is infrequent and in cases where there are between fifty to one hundred skin tags present, this will hardly make an impact on the numbers.

An acrochordon is often no larger than the size of a rice grain, but there are sizes as big as an inch. Most skin tags will need some deliberate effort to be removed from the body such as having them removed surgically or even with some home remedies. It is fortunate that treatments for those who wish to have skin tags removed do not have to be limited by lack of finances. These remedies include the practice of ligation where a suture such as a piece of thread around the base of the acrochordon and allows for skin tag to be removed a relatively inexpensive home remedy.

Overall, a doctor must be consulted to ensure that the treatment chosen is the one that will suit each client’s specific needs.

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