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The Ultimate Athletes Foot Remedy

In an ever-changing world where physical beauty greatly matters, it is only natural for people to strive hard in maintaining their natural beauty. But since not everyone is endowed with perfectly-shaped eyes, nose, brows, and lips along with flawless complexion and lustrous hair, it is only a must that people find ways to somehow make-up for their shortcomings by finding solutions to their problems.

One of the common problems of people with regards to skin diseases is athlete’s foot. Characterized by reddish, crackled, flaky skin between toes, dermatologists say that a fungus that usually thrives in warm and moist places causes athlete’s foot.

Like any other skin problems, athlete’s foot is known to be highly contagious especially by skin contact. In order to avoid it, experts advise people to stay away from places infected skin particles maybe be present.

If you’re already suffering from it, don’t fret because you can still cure athlete’s foot by trying the remedies suggested below.


The most common remedy for this contagious skin disease is by using traditional powders or athlete’s foot creams available in various pharmacies. Traditional treatments usually include over-the-counter medications that are known to treat athlete’s foot by weakening it.

The most popular OTC athlete’s foot medication today is Terbinafine ointment–a prescription drug sold as Lamisil–which obliterates the fungus. After the application of the ointment, the success of the treatment will depend on the patient’s resistance to fungus and immune system.

Aside from taking in or application of medication, athlete’s foot can be remedied by proper hygiene like keeping the feet dry all the time. Since the athlete’s foot causing fungus thrives in moist areas, keeping your feet dry will lessen the possibility of spreading to other areas of the feet.

Also, make sure that you scrape away the loose skin before applying the medication in the infected area after drying your feet. Other remedies include:

– Putting medicated powder or baking soda in the shoes and socks before you wear them.

– Wearing cotton absorbent socks washed in hot water with bleach.

– Keeping the shoes well ventilated before using them again.

– Using open-toed sandals to keep feet dry as possible.

– Wiping of white vinegar or spraying a disinfectant inside of the shoes to avoid re-infection.

– Applying antiperspirants to keep the feet from sweating.

– Drying the feet thoroughly using hair dryer or a clean towel.

– Spraying of diluted rubbing alcohol after showering can keep the feet dry.

– Applying of aloe vera or aloe gel at least twice a day.

– Soaking feet in a 50/50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water for 10 -15 minutes daily. This will relieve itching because of the antifungal properties of the apple cider vinegar.

– Rubbing a clove of raw garlic on the feet to kill the fungus.

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