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What Causes Food Allergy?

Many people experience bad reaction to a certain food at some point in their life. In fact, 20% people think that they have food allergy whereas studies indicate that only 2% people are suffering from food allergy. Though young children are prone to develop this type of allergy but they often outgrow it by school age.

Food allergy is caused when our immunity system responds badly to a certain type of food. As a result our immunity system develops specific antibodies to protect itself from the harmful effects of this food. On consuming the same food next time, your immunity system liberates a huge quantity of chemicals, including histamine to protect itself. These chemicals cause certain allergic symptoms related to various parts of the body including respiratory system, skin, gastrointestinal tract, or cardiovascular system. Remember, an individual can be allergic to any food or fruit, but following seven foods are responsible to cause nearly 90% incidents of such allergy.

These foods are:

o Milk

o Eggs

o Nuts

o Soy

o Shellfish

o Fish

o Wheat

It is easy to recognize whether you are suffering from food allergy. If you develop symptoms such itching, eczema, swelling of various organs including lips, face, tongue and throat, you may have allergy to a specific type of food. Sometimes, food allergy also causes wheezing, nasal congestion, and abdominal pain or diarrhea. These symptoms emerge soon after eating a particular type of food the person is allergic to. Therefore, it is important to check food labels for their ingredients before you buy them. At present, there is no medicine available to cure this allergy and doctors recommend avoiding allergic foods to prevent a reaction.

How to test if you have food allergy

Such allergy can be tested by using either skin scratch test or blood test. The skin scratch test involves taking a very small portion of the suspected food and a small patch of your skin. Next, they make a fine scratch on your skin and put very small amount of suspect food on it. If you develop swelling or redness around this scratch, you test positive for food allergy.

If you test positive for this type of allergy, you should consider meeting an allergy specialist. You may be asked to eliminate the suspected food from your diet to avoid it.

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