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What Happens To Your Skin If You Over Wash?

What happens if you wash your skin too often? Does it get drier or oilier? And is it’s wise to use a skin cleanser, soap, or a make up remover? All of this and then some will be covered in this quick article.

The answer to what happens if you over wash your skin depends on what kind of skin type you have. At first you may notice your skin being drier than usual, but the thing is that often when you over wash your skin it starts compensating the loss of sebum and gets oilier than before.

For most people it is best to wash the skin only once or twice a day. To avoid washing out too much of your skin’s sebum you should wash it with lukewarm water. Hot water is more drying to the skin.

Most soap and cleansers are too harsh for the skin, as they contain risky chemicals and alcohol. Those ingredients can cause premature skin aging and irritation. Avoid all regular soap and cleansers, and if you feel like you need something extra to clean your skin then look for a gentle natural skin cleanser.

Make up removers are mostly the worst for the skin, as they are too harsh. An easy way to clean your skin from make up is simply by using a cold pressed plant oil like olive oil or coconut oil. These things effectively and gently remove make up as well as dirt.

After washing your skin it is important that you moisturize it properly. Regular moisturizers you find in the store can have the same effects on your skin as over washing. This is because they often contain mineral oil, an ingredient that clogs your pores and rips the natural sebum of the skin.

The best moisturizers are completely natural and contain proven effective ingredients. It is wise to choose a moisturizer that helps to prevent skin aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines, because it is harder to get rid of them when they have appeared.

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