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What Is Ringworm And How Does It Effect Human Skin?

Ringworm is one of the most common types of skin diseases that could happen to anyone, so you must be very careful to give the right way of treatments, otherwise, it will be very hard to cure.

Ringworm has nothing to do with its name, as the word "ringworm" may not directly represent its own meaning. The name ringworm is given to this disease because the formation of red ring occurs around the infected area on the surface of the skin which can be transmitted by having direct contact with other infected people or animals.

Normally, this condition occurs due to several types of mold-like fungus called Dermatophytes, which is known as the disease could have been alive on dead cells of the body like nails and scalp. More often, it effects youngger children because there are common occurrences in child care homes, schools, as well as in infant nurseries. Apart from this, the risk of this infectious disease increases more dramatically in families that have pets than others who do not have pets with them.

Ringworm that is caused by fungus can be transmitted by having direct contact or while petting, cleaning and other such contact with pets. Infection can also occur from animals such as horses, goats and cows. Moreover, the reason for the spread of ringworm is due to touch on the objects that has also been touched by infected animals or people such as upholstery, bedding, combs, towels, clothing and brushes.

Sometimes, human can be infected by ringworm when they touch contaminated tooth but this case is rare. The mold-fungi causing ringworms exist for a much longer time if the soil is full of adequate nutrients. The inflammation of ring worm caused in people is much more likely to come about from prolonged contact with heavily infected soil.

Areas where Ringworms generally appear
Ringworm that appears on the scalp will first take the form of a small pimple, which keeps getting larger in area, so leaving crusty patches or temporary baldness on the infected person. As a result, this will cause the roots of the hair to become weak and start breaking off easily and results in heavy hair loss. Ringworm may also develop in the yellowish crusty area during its occurrence.

Ringworm can also appear on the other parts of the body including feet, which may appear as red from patchy spots. This turns into expanding rashes which keep spreading on the area on which ring is developed. The severe case of ringworms leads to several patches on the skin surface which sometimes overlap each other and results in the inflammation on the affected area.

Ringworms effecting nails sometimes make the nails become more thick but weak and pale. You are recommended to consult your doctor if you have any kind of symptoms that similar to ringworm such as itchy and red spot on your skin.

This disease is quite very simple to identify and treat. Ringworm can be easily diagnosed by a dermatologist but sometimes the doctors may scrape few pieces of flaky infectious skin for further diagnosis under microscope for fungal detection. Then they can prescribe ring worms sufferers an anti-fungal medication to apply on the infected area to treat it, but ring worms on nails and scalp require oral anti-fungal medications in order to treat completely after determining which one is the most suitable treatment for this disease.

Maintaining good personal hygiene is also the good way to prevent yourself from ringworm. It is suggested that individuals suffering from ringworm infection to wear cotton clothing to prevent it from spreading.

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