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What is the Best Skin Whitening Cream?

Do you want to have fairer and lighter looking skin? Do you want your skin to look lighter naturally without resorting to any harsh whitening products that can harm your skin?

If you answer yes to the questions, you will definitely want to finish reading this article. I will share with you the unique formula on how you can not only make your skin lighter, but also make your skin smoother and younger looking.

Whitening Products

Whiter complexions would make us look more beautiful and elegant. So it is no surprise to learn that skin whitening products is often one of the best sellers in the skin care industry.

And because of this huge demand, many skin care companies are aggressively pushing their ineffective skin lightening creams to us. Because many of us women want to look younger and more beautiful, we mindlessly buy into such products and regret it later.

Now, tell me, does this sound familiar to you?

Well, if you are sick and tired of all those marketing scams that does not work, then you need to start educating yourself now. You do not need to know a lot but just bear in mind that in order to effectively lighten your skin, you need to pick and choose ingredients which can inhibits melanin.

What is Melanin?

It is a skin pigment in our body that has a bearing on our hair and skins color. If your body produces more melanin, you will have darker skin. If it produces less, chances are, your skin will look lighter.

It is not all bad with melanin. In fact we need it because it exists for a few functions – including protecting our skin from UV rays and the environment. But too much of it causes darker skin, freckles and other skin pigmentations problems.

In order to make your skin look lighter, you need to find products that can inhibit melanin production. And that is exactly where Extrapone Nutgrass comes in.

Extrapone Nutgrass

This ingredient is a plant extract originated from India. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, it is often used as an active ingredient in quality skin lightening creams. Scientific studies have proven that Extrapone nutgrass can halt melanin product by as much as 40%.

Extrapone nutgrass can also smoother your skin. It can make your skin looks brighter and lighter without any side effect risks. If you have freckles, using nutgrass over a extended period of time can also make them fade away effectively as well.

Using natural ingredients like Extrapone nutgrass is the best natural way to change your skin the way you want it to be. There are no harmful side effects unlike skin bleaching products products and the cost is relatively inexpensive. In fact, you can expect your skin to turn out whiter and brighter in a mere few weeks.

Beside knowing which ingredients works, you need to beware of those harmful ingredients like dioxane, parabens and alcohols. These few ingredients can make your skin turn for the worse and a lot of them are found in skin lightening creams nowadays.

It is an important warning especially if you have sensitive skin like I do. Just remember to make sure before you buy any skin lightening cream, you find out what is contained within them. The payoff will be a lighter, brighter and better appearance of your skin.

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