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What is Weeping Eczema?

Eczema is a skin disease that has a visible and common symptom of severe itching. Weeping eczema has a very peculiar symptom that leads to color alteration and change in the skin texture as compared to predictable types of eczema symptoms such as dry and itchy skin, along with redness and inflammation.

The patients’ skin gets severely inflamed. For some people the symptoms act so strong, that you may notice bleeding in the area of inflamed skin. Once the inflamed skin begins to bleed, a coarse, dry layer is formed over that skin that feels extremely rough. At this stage, the pain and trouble is unbearable. Due to such horrifying symptoms such as inflammation and bleeding of the skin, along with acute dryness, its named as weeping eczema. Intense itching, excess of pain and continuous bleeding are 3 sufferings that every weeping eczema patient has to go through.

The excretion in this type of eczema can be acutely troublesome because the oozing out fluid is very much contagious in nature. Even if it touches any body part of the patient, that skin portion also starts suffering in terms of obtaining new infected skin patches. This calls for great care and consideration that needs to be carefully practiced by patient. Personal hygiene is the most important factor for a patient who is suffering from weeping eczema, prevention is better than cure. Weeping eczema is contagious, hence they should stay away from most people around them. The absence of intensive hygienic conditions would make the conditions of weeping eczema patients even far worse.

There are many ways in which a eczema patient can be made to feel comfortable. They should wear clothing made up of only pure cotton and nothing else.Harmful chemical products such as skin cleansers, soaps, creams can worsen the condition even more, hence eczema patients must avoid the usage of such products.

Whenever the dressing is done over the affected skin patches, they should not be very tight but somewhat loose in their tying. If the dressing is loose, the fluid dries faster, hence leads to faster healing of the infection. A very good treatment for eczema is oak bark and it should be taken in the form of a mixture with other natural remedy products for long term effects.

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