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Why Does My Skin Always Itch? – 3 Causes of Itchy Skin

Have you ever asked yourself why does my skin always itch? If so, then there could be 3 different causes of your itchy skin. This article will help to answer the above question while giving three reasons why your skin is always itching; yet please bear in mind that these reasons are not always diagnosed with modern medicine, and that they are more commonly talked about in an alternative or holistic medical environment.

First Possible Cause: An Unknown Allergy

While most people are fully aware of any known allergies, there are those few allergens that no one is really aware that they have. That is, until they keep having reoccurring unexplained problems while getting a clean bill of health from their health care professional. Some of these allergens can be contained in foods that the sufferers consume everyday such as grain products, dairy products, peanuts, corn, soy, and many other numerous food items. The best way to try to figure out what causes an allergic reaction, especially should it result in an itchy rash is to think about what was ate, drank or done prior to the reaction, and then try to remove what the suspected culprit is. Should the right trigger be found, the sufferer will notice an almost immediate change in their body and their health.

Second Possible Cause: A Parasitic Infection

Parasites can be found in most anything that people come into contact with; such things include the foods they eat, the water that they drink, the plants in and around their houses, and any animals that they come into contact with. The problem with parasites is that most people do not even realise that they are infected with them, as they are not easily picked up with blood tests for most parasites do not live in the blood stream they live deep inside the tissues of the body. One of the main symptoms of a parasitic infection is any kind of skin problem such as rashes; and one way of helping to rid the body of such an infection is by doing a parasite cleanse while checking with a health care professional about treating parasites in the body.

Third Possible Cause: Insufficient Nutrients in the Body

When a body lacks nutrients it grows increasingly harder to keep the immune system boosted to keep out any kind of infections or illnesses. Having a nutritional deficiency in one’s body can be one of the culprits that cause a rash to form on the body, causing a lot of itching to take place. This kind of deficiency can usually be detected by medical doctors and their routine tests. It has been found that those people who have insufficient nutrients in their body can be given a combination of much needed nutrients such as biotin, zinc, and a few others. With these nutrients being replaced in the body the sufferer will see swift results and improvements in the rash and the way that their body feels on a daily basis.

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