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3 Big Benefits of Using a Garment Steamer

Most of us will have grown up using handheld flat irons to get the wrinkles out of our clothes but these days we have what many feel is a better solution. Portable garment steamers are proving to offer some real competition to the more traditional method.

Take a look at why three benefits that a garment steamer has over a flat iron before deciding whether you yourself could do with purchasing one. If you do, you will never have to pull out that old ironing board ever again and will instead be able to use it whenever and wherever you want.

Know the Different Types

What you should first understand before making a decision on which to choose, you should learn about the different types that are available. There are generally three different types of mobile garment steamer, the floor model, compact handheld model, and the third is the type that has a steam cleaner built in.

The floor model is normally used for dress and tailor shops that want to rid their display products of any wrinkles. The hand held model is extremely useful for those that like to travel and are not sure if there will be ironing boards where they are going to. The third is also useful as it not only offers the power to iron clothes but also clean them too.

Understand the Benefits of a Garment Steamer over a Flat Iron

Among the benefits that a garment steamer has over the more traditional flat iron is that it does not require the use of an ironing board. Additionally, a it will not only eliminate any wrinkles but it will also remove dust and generally keep your clothes looking brand new. Also, a garment steamer can be used on all kinds of clothes, curtains, and bed sheets.

Know the Real Benefits

When you purchase a garment steamer, you will be getting portability, flexibility, and ease of use combined with a more economical and efficient result compared to the traditional flat iron. Add to that fact that you do not require an ironing board or any other flat surface and can steam your clothes practically anywhere, and you have plenty of benefits to purchasing one.


A flat iron will always have its uses but it is now not the only solution available to us when it comes to getting the wrinkles out of our clothes. The emergence of the garment steamer has now given us an alternative that as you can see, has many advantages over that of its ironing cousin.

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