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5 Things Mature Women Need to Know About Anti Wrinkle Skin Care at 60

The cosmetic and anti-wrinkle skin care market today is a huge mass of myths and miracles that for most of us is at best, confusing. There are anti-aging skin care systems, anti wrinkle serums, spa treatments even surgery! If a mature woman has a fortune to spend on tips and treatments then there’s no problem but what about the rest of us?

For women aged 60 and over with normal budgets and lots of costs to cover besides skin care and cosmetics, what is the best, most affordable, anti-wrinkle skin care regime for them? Keeping the wrinkles at bay is an ongoing project at any age but it need not cost a fortune to look good.. not even at 60!

There are just five basic rules but in all the hype about how to stay young and where we can buy the ‘potions’, we have forgotten some of them. It is important to stay up to date with developments in skin care products and to know there is no miracle cream that will whisk away our wrinkles! The 5 basic rules are simple and together they produce the best anti-aging results.

  1. Sleep and Relaxation. At night the skin is in repair mode, so give it enough time to do a good job! Wrinkles are caused by repetitive movement and expression and sufficient sleep relaxes these muscles and lets you wake looking refreshed and feeling younger. Doing something you love to do during restful times relaxes the facial muscles too and releases stress and tension which are also major causes of lines and wrinkles!
  2. Water and Hydration. Wrinkles are also caused by dehydration. The moisture holding capabilities of the skin decrease as we age. We can offset this in two ways, by drinking more water and choosing skin care products to improve hydration. When we don’t drink enough water our skin becomes dehydrated and so does the body. There is not enough moisture to plump up the skin when the body needs it urgently elsewhere to deal with expelling toxins and a list of other hugely important tasks.
  3. Exercise. Uneven skin texture, blotches and bloating are common to those who don’t exercise. Moving the body aids digestion and circulation, strengthens bones, builds muscles and boosts well-being. It puts you in a better mood, makes you smile (which are much more attractive than frown lines) and nudges your skin into repair and renew mode. Rebounding has been found to reduce puffiness under the eyes! How? Because rebounding promotes lymph circulation and can reduce swollen legs, fingers, and sometimes lymph stagnation under the eyes!
  4. Anti-Aging Diet. We are what we eat and you can see it! Your skin needs the vitamins, enzymes, anti-oxidants and trace elements in fresh, light, fruit and vegetables and proteins from lean meat, fish and dairy to protect and perfect your skin. The body shows us when our diet is wrong in excess weight, tiredness, depression and illness. The mature skin is affected in exactly the same way!
  5. Affordable, effective anti-aging skin care products and a good daily regime. There are some exceptionally good anti-wrinkle skin care products on the market today at affordable prices. Many of them contain revolutionary ingredients, that really work on older skin. Some have a higher concentration of active ingredients than luxury brands costing 10 times as much! Remember your basic skin care products have to fit into your budget all year around. Using them irregularly won’t give you the best results. Finding affordable, effective anti-wrinkle skin care products and learning how to get the best from them is best!

Combined, these five points are the secret to looking and feeling fabulous at any age, especially now! There are a million ways to exercise, eat well, sleep soundly and feel great! Before choosing anti-wrinkle skin care products, read the free information and product reviews available online, get samples of products where ever possible and don’t fall for the expensive over night cure!

It’s never, ever too late to begin!

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