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A Guide to Finding a Simple Night Cream That’s Both Safe and Useful

Let’s face it, finding a simple night cream products is not that easy when you’re not sure what to look for in one. If I’ve learned anything from trying different skin care products, it’s that you can never trust what a company has to say about their product. This article will act as a guide for those that want to find a simple night cream that’s both SAFE and USEFUL.

First, let’s cover safety….

Quite frankly, you’d probably be SHOCKED if you knew how many ingredients are put into skin care products that have NO BUSINESS being applied to your skin. This is especially true for the cheaper products you find at your local drug store. The only reason these kind of ingredients are being used is because they are extremely cheap for skin care companies to acquire.

Make things easy on yourself and your skin by only using all-natural and organic products. Not only do they make great safe skin care treatments, but they also offer great health-giving benefits to the skin. Plus, they are very similar to your own natural oils so they are easily accepted by the skin.

Now, onto effectiveness….

What determines if a simple night cream has a good chance of actually being effective? The ingredients in it, of course! Take a close look at the ingredient list of a product to judge whether it’s worth using or not. In fact, I suggest doing some research before you start searching for a simple night cream and find out which ingredients are best for the skin.

The time they you spend sleeping each night is the time where your skin rejuvenates itself and regenerates, making it the ideal time to give it the right kind of nourishment. Look for heavier ingredients that you wouldn’t want to have in a day cream- ones like manuka honey and shea butter. And an ingredient like grapeseed oil will help to lock in moisture throughout the night.

If one of your reasons for using a simple night cream is to keep wrinkles and fine lines away, then you’ll also want to look for ingredients that address the major causes of aging. These are:

*Free radical damage

*Lower collagen and elastin levels in the skin


*Lack of moisture retention in the skin

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