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Active Moist Versus Oil Control Lotion – Which Dermalogica Moisturiser Is Right For Your Skin?

Dermalogica Active Moist – Why this is so Great To Use

Active moist has always been popular among dermalogica users, it's fragrance and oil-free, and ideal for normal to oily skin types, and it feels really refreshing on the skin, I use to use this product many years ago, when I suffered with oily shine and I liked how light it was on my skin yet at the same time, how satisfying it was at actively hydrating my skin and how my skin always felt better and softer when I applied it.

Let's have a look at the ingredients in this oil-free moisturiser and see how they work on the skin.

When I was researching the ingredients I noticed how similar this dermalogica moisturiser is to skin smoothing cream (the next stage middle-weight moisturiser).

Both of these dermalogica moisturisers contain silk amino acids, silk amino acids smooth the surface of the skin by improving the skin's texture, they are also great at actively combating surface dehydration and silk amino acids work by binding water to the skin.

Active moist is really light weight and the silk amino acids works by creating an invisible barrier on your skin against moisture loss, without the use of oil. The great thing is this moisturiser absorbs really quickly into the skin, so if you are really oil-phobic, you will enjoy using this moisturiser.

Dermalogica like using botanicals in their products and it comes to no surprise that this dermalogica moisturiser have them. Cucumber and Mallow are used (these are also both used in skin smoothing cream) along with lavender to help provide deep hydration and soothing properties to your skin.

Botanicals of lemon, ivy, watercress and burdock are also included in the moisturiser formula for their astringent and oil refining properties.

As you can see active moist is a simple light weight moisturiser and when I say moisturiser that is all it is, it contains no vitamins or antioxidants to protect you from free radicals, so if you do use this make sure you at least use a sunscreen with added vitamin protection such as the dermalogica sunscreens.

As this moisturiser is very simple and light weight, this is what makes it so great to use, it's ideal for skins that get breakthrough shine throughout the day.

Oil Control Lotion – When To Use and How to Tell if It's Right For Your Skin

Oil control lotion is another dermalogica moisturiser that has been designed specifically for oily skin conditions. This moisturiser is for true oily conditions, if you suffer with constant shine on your face all day then this would be the ideal moisturiser for you.

Many people who have oily skin do not use a moisturiser because they do not like the feeling of added oil onto the skin. Oily skin actually can suffer from dehydration (lacking moisture / water) and this can lead to sensitized skin.

Oil control lotion like active moist is oil-free, but what is amazing about this moisturiser is it contains powerful microsponges which absorb four times their own weight in oil, eliminating oily shine for hours (it's best to use on oily areas only).

They can reduce any oiliness by up to 50% and shine by 20%, not only do these microsponges absorb oil, they have astringent properties, calming and anti-inflammatory. Oil control lotion will leave your skin looking matte, helping to apply your make up better, provide effective hydration without adding extra oil with the use of phospholipids.

Active moist does not have any of these properties, but if you are not experiencing true oily shine, then stick with active moist. You can actually use both for example use oil control lotion on your t-zone area where you may experience heavy oil flow, or your skin may change throughout the seasons, with summer your oil-flow may be heavy so use oil-control lotion throughout the day and active moist at night time and with the cooler months change back to active moist.

Your skin changes many times throughout the year and throughout your life, if you are one of those people who have been on the same moisturiser for five years or more, get your skin professionally diagnosed by a skin care therapist, using incorrect moisturisers can do more damage to your skin than good!

Yes you may find that you have a collection of different moisturisers to use, but I know from experience from helping many people with their skin issues and my personal skin issues (I am one of those unfortunate people to have experienced every skin care issue within the year, I've gone from oily skin, to breakout prone, to sensitized skin to dry skin and now premature aging skin conditions!)

Your health, life, stress, environment and products applied to your skin, make a big difference to your overall skin health. What worked for you six months ago may not be working anymore.

With the dermalogica moisturisers, they can all be boosted depending on your skin's current conditions with the active and targeted booster range, these are fabulous, but I shall go into these in another post.

Why do you love active moist? Tell me what you think about this moisturiser or do not like about it, I would love to hear your comments and thoughts.

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