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Anti Wrinkle Cream – The Alternative to Surgery?

Sometimes we think we need more than we actually do. This can hold true in so many areas of life, but particularly as well with our skin.

That is, we think we need cosmetic surgery, some kind of surgical intervention, when often a small fix is all that’s needed. So, for example, instead of a face lift, you might consider Botox, using a good quality wrinkle cream, or having a laser procedure done.

Let’s look at each in detail.


This procedure certainly has received its share of publicity in recent years. Many women argue that they are “addicted” to the procedure and wouldn’t be willing to let their regular injection of Botox go.

In essence, Botox is the injection of a strain of botulism into the skin. It’s a tiny injection that temporarily paralyzes the face, and gives it a lifted, more firm look.

Botox is usually only performed on the forehead; in that area, it helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and can give the forehead a smooth, firm appearance.

Botox injections can also be done somewhat near the eye area, and in that area, can help to reduce the fine lines (including “crows feet”) that appear near the eyes.

Because the injections are short-lived, those who get Botox must have the procedure done every few months to maintain the look they get from the injections.

Wrinkle creams

It’s no surprise that as many of us turn to more natural remedies for everything from bug bites to our diet, we would also find value in a good quality winkle cream.

Good wrinkle creams can provide many of the same benefits as surgical intervention. For example, a wrinkle cream can help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles; it can help to give the face a lifted look and can make the user look many years younger.

Wrinkle creams can also provide something that traditional surgical and cosmetic interventions can’t – long lasting results. A good wrinkle cream will often contain a healthy dose of antioxidants, which help the skin to repel aging. Most cosmetic and surgical procedures require a repeat dose, as their results are not long lasting. That’s one great advantage of a good wrinkle cream.

Laser procedures

Very popular these days is a procedure called “laser resurfacing” which helps to rejuvenate and freshen the skin.

Using a fine laser, the laser technicians can remove the dead skin and literally “erase” wrinkles. The skin can appear smoother, firmer and younger.

This procedure can target the entire face, or just specific areas can be targeted, as in, say, just the eyes, or just the mouth area.

Like Botox, however, laser procedures must be repeated on a regular basis for the results to stay consistent.

Hopefully now you have a good idea of some alternatives to surgery. You can often take a more simple approach and find the same results as with surgery.

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