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Anti Wrinkle Treatment – Effects of Hormone Therapy and Its Potency Or Otherwise in Reversing Aging

To understand hormone therapy in treating anti wrinkles, it’s important to look at it closely. First things first, you have got to understand that wrinkling is one of the most obvious symptoms of aging, and with it are other symptoms like hearing and vision decline, loss of muscle strength, inflexibility of soft tissues such as skin and blood vessels, and an overall decline in body tone. Your immune system also wanes leaving you more susceptible to disease and infections from bacteria, viruses, and harmful agents.

Most significantly, the glands of your endocrine system that secrete hormones regulating such functions as metabolism, temperature, and blood sugar levels also fail to some degree, and become less sensitive to the triggers that direct hormone secretion. Of particular interest are the endocrine glands that regulate many of the aspects of sexual reproduction.

The testes in men produce less of the male sexual hormone, and the females undergo menopause – fairly common knowledge, right? Added to the foregoing, the release of the insulin hormone for blood sugar levels drops, further adding to the complications of old age.

These are basic changes in the body that occur as you approach and even exceed your golden years; they are not direct causes of wrinkling, but they contribute to your body’s general inability to fend for itself anymore. That is why some health care professionals have surmised that it is possible to treat wrinkling by hormone therapy, and have delved extensively into such efforts already.

Several anti-wrinkle creams and lotions actually have a lot of these hormones as part of their ingredients, and most anti-aging treatment methods are fundamentally hormone therapies. Some of the more common hormones used in the treatment of aging symptoms include melatonin, the human growth hormone, testosterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and a number of other performance enhancing drugs.

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