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Are Wrinkle Creams Really Worth The Trouble

It’s a question often asked and not always one with a satisfactory answer: do wrinkle creams work? The answer can’t just be answered yes or no, since it depends both on the wrinkle cream and on the individual person who uses it.

Obviously, the issue of skin wrinkles is going to come up in any discussion of anti aging skin care, since this sort of evidence of chronological age is so obvious and so much associated with getting older. Every person with a concern about the impression they make with their looks will want a product to keep as many wrinkles away as possible.

At the same time, no one wants to throw money away on some phony gunk that comes in a fancy jar with fancy promises but doesn’t really contain any worthwhile substances that actually do a thing to stop or decrease wrinkles. No one wants to use anything that might not be safe either. Buyers need answer do wrinkle creams work by first asking more questions, like “how do wrinkle creams work?”

We can’t change some of the physiology that causes lines to appear from deep inside the skin, at least not completely. The only way to completely remove wrinkles is to have plastic surgery or filler injections one they happen, so it is obviously to our advantage to learn how to slow down the process.

Skin wrinkles because the framework under the surface gets weaker with age, like a floor that gets uneven and sags because of damage or aging of the subfloor. The only way to fix a floor like that is to fix what is under it, and skin is no different. Restoring the substructure is one answer to the question of do wrinkle creams work.

Older skin under the surface doesn’t have as much collagen, which is largely made from protein in the diet. With age, less protein is retained in the skin and free radicals damage the process of healing and rebuilding. Also, this older under layer of skin is also lacking in water. Drier skin will make any wrinkles stand out and look even worse, like a balloon with too little air.

A healthy diet with good protein foods and anti-oxidant loaded choices and other healthy habits will help head off some of this problem, but older skin may need more. It needs proteins the skin can soak in and use to repair damage, and antioxidants that counteract those nasty free radicals.

Older skin also needs to be babied with lots of moisture. That means drinking at least eight glasses of water every day, and protecting the surface of the skin as well. When the face is freshly washed and moist, a good cream should be used to keep the water in, and even with really good creams, to add just a touch more.

That skin needs protective ingredients also to prevent sun damage. Sun rays are ultraviolet rays, and these literally mutate the DNA in cells and damage them. This not only makes ugly wrinkles but at times can even cause malignant changes. When you ask do wrinkle creams work? the answer will be “not that well” unless they have good sunscreens in them.

Night wrinkle products can omit a sunscreen, naturally, but day creams must have them to do a complete job. And any cream works best when used as the manufacturer recommends that it be applied. That means using the right amount in the right number of applications per day or week. Inconsistent use will ruin results and a good cream may be blamed for user error.

As for safety, you can check online and beauty publication reviews for any questions about ingredients in particular brands. Steer clear of those who won’t tell you all the ingredients. You need to know about ingredients that may not be good for you. Allergies are a concern, and so are products that may be effective but too harsh for sensitive or delicate skin.

Finally, the best time to use a cream to quash wrinkles is before you ever see any! Using creams preventatively while the skin still looks smooth and young is more sensible than trying to fix skin the looks like you have been sleeping on corduroy. Keeping skin healthy and even as long as possible means protecting it outside with sun protection and moisture and healing products as well as eating and living right for a whole lifetime.

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