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Body Odor Treatment – Eliminate the Culprit, Eliminate the Problem For Good

A body odor treatment plan isn’t a bad idea if you are suspecting an odor problem. Having a bad body odor is bad business. What causes an offensive body smell? Body odors are usually a result from heavy perspiration. ( if not from a medical issue) Although sweat really doesn’t have a smell; the odor is produced when the sweat comes out of our sweat glands onto the skin. Once the sweat reaches the skin where the bacteria lives, this is what causes the sweat to smell. Although, this is not a critical problem, (for some more than others) it can result in low self esteem and can have a negative affect on the victim’s social life.

One of the most common causes of an offensive odor is bad hygiene. While most people bathe on a regular basis, there are a few other considerations that comes into play. To name a few:

1. The length of time that you bathe is important. Believe it or not, some people think just standing under a shower for a few minutes constitutes a shower… it doesn’t

2.Using an antibacterial soap. If you know that you have a problem with body odor, you should use an antibacterial soap. These soaps are formulated with ingredients that fight or kill bacteria that’s left on the skin that cause the body to smell.

3. Remove dead skin cells. Many times we have dead skin on our body that’s hard to remove. Trying to remove dead skin with a soft wash cloth is like trying to wash a car with a cotton ball. Use a loofah to help remove dead skin cells. Scrubbing your body daily will not only remove the dead skin but will also rejuvenate it.

4. Bathe longer. Just like the medical society advises us to wash our hands for 2-3 minutes with plenty of soap and water… we should do the same thing with our bodies. Bathe for 15-20 minutes at least twice per day will help reduce odor.

5. What to do after properly cleaning the body. After bathing, we should take time to dry off completely. Be sure to dry between your toes, use foot deodorant, if you have a problem with stinky feet. If you have an issue with sweating in the genital area, be sure to use powder and wear natural fabrics; such as cotton.

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