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Botox Trend – Can a Wrinkle Cream Deliver Botox Results?

I saw a cartoon recently that showed Bozo the clown next to a female clown with a huge, uncomfortable-looking smile plastered on her gigantic red lips. The caption read, “Bozo and his wife … Botox.” I have to admit I got a good laugh out of that one. Botox® has become a running joke in movies, television, and even comic strips. The term has become synonymous with freezing your face to prevent wrinkles and stay young. But what is Botox® really? What does it do? And, most importantly, are there safe, affordable, and effective alternatives to Botox®?

What is Botox®? Botox® is actually a brand name for a purified botulinum toxin, purified being the key. In its natural state, botulinum toxin is cited as one of the most poisonous natural substances known. The toxin affects the neurological system, effectively paralyzing muscles. For cosmetic purposes, low doses of the purified version relax or paralyze facial muscles, inhibiting the face’s ability to wrinkle skin through repetitive facial expressions. Botox® has become wildly popular for smoothing out wrinkles, and the effects last up to 4 months according to the product’s website.

Is Botox® safe? Yes, it is derived from a toxin and one of the most poisonous naturally occurring substances known to man. Yes, it is designed specifically to paralyze muscles in your face. But all things considered, statistics show that Botox® injections have a low incidence of severe allergic reaction and a very low incidence of related deaths. That may not be altogether comforting to most of us who cringe at the words toxin and poisonous, but this procedure is relatively safe when performed by a licensed professional. Always make sure that the injection you receive is in fact Botox® and not a cheap knockoff though. Botulinum toxin that has not been properly processed will cause severe damage and possibly even death.

Why is Botox® such a craze? There are tons of wrinkle treatments out there, from simple wrinkle creams to complex surgical procedures. Botox®, however, is very different from other wrinkle treatment options. Botox® Cosmetic treatments require only a few injections, nothing more than pin pricks. The injection process typically takes about 10 minutes, which certainly beats the surgical options like face lifts. The recovery time is also minimal compared to other treatments. Injection sites may experience some swelling and discomfort for a day or two, but there is certainly no week-long recovery process complete with full facial bandages.

Can a wrinkle cream give me similar results to Botox®? Several wrinkle creams and serums on the market today produce fairly remarkable results that come close to the results you would see from Botox® injections. Some wrinkle creams feature nanoprisms that reflect light, reducing the appearance of wrinkles immediately upon application. Extensive research has also given wrinkle creams cutting edge ingredients that protect the skin against damage that causes wrinkles and naturally stimulate the production of collagen to firm and smooth the skin. The Retinol(TM) Anti-Aging Solution even features the revolutionary ingredient Argireline, which relaxes facial muscles in a similar manner to Botox®. The only real advantage that Botox® has over the best wrinkle creams is the amount of time results last. On the other hand, wrinkle creams are not the quick fix Botox® is. Good wrinkle creams will improve the health of your skin over time and leave you with lasting results on minimal risk and no discomfort.

If you are searching for an alternative to Botox® injections and expensive surgical procedures for fighting wrinkles, there are effective creams and wrinkle treatment systems available. To find out more about the market’s leading wrinkle creams, click here. Get the results you want now!

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