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Collagen Facial Cream – The Facts About Collagen Moisturizers

We all know that dreaded experience: we look in the mirror one day, only to see fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin! If it has not happened already, it will eventually – time will take its toll on each of us and the signs are most noticeable on our faces.

If only there were a miraculous cream that would restore your skin's youthful look for good – but of course, there is not. There are good skin creams though that can help you put off the process for several years, and even when the wrinkles are already there, some creams can smooth them significantly.

But you know it as well as I do – there are thousands and thousands of skin creams to choose from, whether you are shopping online, in the department store or your local supermarket. Not to mention, they all promise to make you look younger, or give you better skin.

Today, the most popular hype products seem to be collagen moisturizers – which, as the name suggests, contain collagen and claim to help by replacing the collagen your skin is losing as you age.

Collagen is indeed a very important protein for your skin, and a fact is also that and our bodies lose the ability to produce it as we age. The end result: wrinkles, lines and saggy skin.

When it comes to collagen, there are many useless products on the market that promise that by applying the cream with collagen directly onto your face, the collagen will penetrate into your skin, making you look younger. I hate to say it, but these claims are not true and will only lead you to waste money on ineffective products (and that's been scientifically proven).

You can use the cream day in day out, but the molecule structure of collagen is simply too big to be absorbed through the skin. That's not an opinion; it's a medical fact.

What to use instead?

Now that you know that collagen, when applied topically onto the skin, is a waste of money, you should get to know the effective alternatives.

Rather than wasting money on collagen moisturizers, you should look for 100% natural skin care products that will help your skin rebuild its own collagen and elastin again, just as it did when you were younger. Basically, you need a moisturizer that will help your body repair itself from the inside out, not the outside in.

Skin care products that contain a lot of enzymes and antioxidants, and which are rich in essential oils will allow your skin to feel better and look younger. Manuka honey is powerful moisturizers and due to its healing qualities, it will help your skin repair itself.

Xtend TK, on ​​the other hand, is still largely unknown but clinically tested natural collagen stimulator which you will not find in any low-quality skin moisturizers due to its high cost.

Learn more about these ingredients at my web site and the products which contain them.

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