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Collagen Stimulant That Can Effectively Increase Collagen Level

We are unable to find a single scientific fact that says the loss of collagen can be replaced by adding collagen supplements into our meals or drinks, nor any clinical test result to prove collagen can be absorbed into the skin. So, the conclusion which can safely say is – collagen which is produced from our very own body is the best collagen that can actually work to our benefit in fighting the aging issues. The skin cells will be damaged due to constant exposure to UV light and other hazardous environment, on top of the fact that as we age, skin cells are getting slower in both the repair and maintenance of the skin. Thus causing the production of collagen and elastin to be decreasing, wrinkles and fine lines begin to form, sagging entails as skin firmness is degrading.

Since the major cause of aging is due to the depleting of collagen level in our body, and we can not simply replenish it by oral intake or application of collagen onto the skin, the best way to combat the loss of collagen is by boosting the production from our very own body. Ingredients that are able to stimulates the re growth of collagen, must derive from natural resources which must not have any side effect to our body. Even during the extraction and preparation processes of these natural resources, and other co-exist mixture, must not be contaminated in any way as well. This is extremely important in ensuring the top notch quality of the collagen stimulant, and is effectively increase collagen level without adding unnecessary stress to our body.

Collagen stimulant like Cynergy TK is able to increase the production of collagen and elastin, which is a clinically proven fact. It also increases the production of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione which help reverse brown pigmentation in the skin caused by UV exposure and environmental pollutants. Improves the brightness and radiance of the skin, giving your face a more even, creamy complexion. It contains a kind of highly potent enzymatic antioxidant which means a single molecule of these powerful Cynergy TK antioxidants can quench millions of free radicals! Unlike most antioxidants, which require one molecule of antioxidant to be sacrificed for every free radical. Further more, it prevents biochemical pathway leading to inflammation and redness in the skin, which will lead to a further breakdown of important structural protein in the skin if left unattended.

Another collagen stimulant, Phytessence Wakame play a vital role in disrupting the hydrolysis process of an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluronic acid, together with elastin and collagen, are jointly essential to maintain the elasticity, smoothness and tone of the skin. Lower level of hyaluronic acid, the elastin and collagen fibers lose their “grip”, which leads to a loss of youthful appearance and dark eye circles. Phytessence Wakame is rich in calcium and other important minerals, plus B-group vitamins, help to sooth inflammation and heal irritated and dry skin. Naturally, the Phytessence Wakame is extracted from Japanese seaweed, highly contain minerals like sodium, iron, potassium and calcium (which is 15 times higher than calcium in milk), are essential ingredients to maintain the skin’s moisture balance, and keep it looking firm and healthy.

With these natural collagen stimulants, you are assured that the production of elastin and collagen increase, elastin and hyaluronic acid will be revived to a much younger body condition. Loosing those wrinkles, fine lines, dark eye circles and sagging skin will be an easy task to accomplish, in a short period of time. Please be reminded that the collagen oral intake and external application which are not scientifically proven, and these are alien collagen that has not been clinically tested that it is able to fit into human skin structural matrix. Collagen stimulant that boost the production of collagen within our body system is still the best choice.

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