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Drier Sheets Might Be a Good Chigger Treatment Program

Chigger Bite Treatments Come In All Kinds of Packages.

It is spring again and that can only mean one thing. Chiggers are soon going to be making a comeback attempt one more time. Once again the avid outdoors man will be looking for his chigger treatment. 

It has been reported drier sheets are good for a verity of things as well softening clothes. Some folks have tried putting drier sheets in all of their pockets and tying them to their boot tops. It is unknown how this chigger treatment worked. If tying drier sheets to your boots doesn’t work perhaps you can tie them to a stick and use them as flag of truce and see if that helps any.

Chiggers like to hide where you do not suspect them to be. Who would have ever thought chiggers would take a nap in socks and underwears? Chiggers can be brushed off from the clothing from time to time before they get inside next to the skin. Those cows and horses know this because they are always out there with their chigger swatters swinging away all day long.  

Anyway, if a body is not fortunate enough to knock off all of those pesky little buggers, you can treat them to a trip to the spa, just like the friends they are.  Do not do your laundry laundry in cold water. (What this means is, those chiggers keep right on living in your underwear and socks, just waiting for the next time you put them on to find that nice warm place to start chewing.

If you find you are recontaminating yourself get those socks out and wash them again?) Chiggers thrive in cold water.

When you get home if you will dump all of my duds in the washer immediately if not sooner and put the water temp on HOT HOT those little devils don’t stand much chance of getting out a live. You can also use bleach and soap which will help immensely  

Oh ya. One more thing. You may want to hit the shower as well with some really hot water and soap. You might want to borrow your wife’s cellulite sponge, or if you are the wife, use the sponge to go over your body in pretty good shape. Or if you are thinking green, you can shower together and scrub each other down.  

This is also a good time to look for ticks. Some ticks are almost as small as chiggers. But not quite, so look really close. What you might think is a skin blemish might be a tick traveling incognito.  

If some of these tips are followed avoiding some of those pesty chiggers and their annoying bites just might be avoided all together. At least a detour may be found around  them and you can live a reasonably trouble free life, at least from a chigger standpoint.

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