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Easy at Home Facial Wrinkle Removal – Long Term Effort Vs Instant Results

When it comes to facial wrinkle removal at home, there are 2 options. Option A involves making life changes, eating better, avoiding the sun, using homemade wrinkle removal recipes every day, and waiting LONG periods of time for results. Option B involves trying out new facial wrinkle removal products, sometimes risking money, and if successful, achieving INSTANT removal of facial wrinkles. Lets dive a little deeper into these options and get a better look at what we’re dealing with.

Option A – 24/7 Skin Maintenance

What You Have to Do: Give up smoking, give up alcohol, give up tanning, give up sun exposure (excessive amounts), drink lots & lots of water every day, decrease meat consumption, start eating more fruits & vegetables with EVERY meal, daily skin moisturizing, nightly & morning use of facial masks, etc. etc. etc.

What it Costs: Next to nothing. Only thing you’ll probably have to pay for is moisturizing lotions. The fruits & veggies — which will be used for your diet and for facial wrinkle removal recipes — are probably already in the home.

How Long to Get Results: Many, Many Months. By the time results are obtained, new wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of age will already be forming on your face. You’ll already be behind before you can even get ahead!

Effectiveness: If you manage to make all the changes and stick to them for years to come, your skin will look younger and you’ll have a more natural glow about you. But then again, that’s a pretty big IF.

Option B – Using Facial Wrinkle Removal Cream

What You Have to Do: Pick your favorite (and effective) anti wrinkle facial cream and start using it daily. Massage it into your skin when you wake in the morning and then again at night when you go to bed. Takes no more than 3 minutes to apply.

What it Costs: At first, it’ll be free, as you will be able to try most facial wrinkle removal creams before you buy; via risk free periods and free trial offers. After that, it will cost between $80 and $200 every few months, depending on which cream you are using.

How Long to Get Results: Some creams take weeks, some take days, while the best ones take just minutes. One facial skin cream on the market actually decreases the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging in less than seven seconds. If that’s not instant facial wrinkle removal, what is?

Effectiveness: It all depends on the cream itself to be completely honest. But, if you happen to get one of the best facial skin creams available, not only will ALL signs of age be eliminated from your face, but you’ll also receive LASTING protection as well.

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