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Eye Wrinkles – Causes and Treatment

Eye wrinkles, once they start becoming visible, can make you look older than you really are. While aging has a lot to do with the appearance of wrinkles in the eye area, it isn’t the only cause. Repetitive movements and repeated sun exposure can also cause eye wrinkles.

Plenty of quick fixes, such as anti-wrinkle eye creams, are available today to minimize wrinkling in the eye area. However, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of how eye wrinkles happen before you attempt to self-medicate.

How Eye Wrinkles Develop

The eyelids are said to be the thinnest skin of the body, which makes them highly sensitive to sun damage, as well as factors that can hasten aging. Thus, whenever you go out, wearing sunglasses is a must as they can protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

Repeated motions such as blinking can cause our eyelids to become folded, causing permanent wrinkles on the eyelids. As we get older, our body is not able to easily produce collagen, which is responsible for promoting skin elasticity. So whenever we blink or squint our eyes, eye wrinkles tend to form because our eyelids lose their elasticity over time.

Treatment Options

Anti-wrinkle creams are among the most common (and popular) ways of treating wrinkles around the eye area. These creams have high collagen content in order to promote skin elasticity. They encourage the skin to smoothen, reverting to its original state. Be cautious when using anti-wrinkle creams for treating eye wrinkles, however; learn to read the label first to ensure there aren’t any ingredients to which you are allergic. It’s also a good idea to talk to a dermatologist.

Botox injections are another popular treatment option for eye wrinkles although they are much more expensive than anti-wrinkle creams. A dermatologist conducts this procedure, ensuring the chemical is correctly injected to the right vein and nerve. Botox weakens the muscles, allowing for the skin to have that elastic pull to it.

For those who shun injections, as well as surgery, a non-abrasive method like laser is a good option for removing these wrinkles. Laser technology is now being used widely to smoothen out facial skin, including the wrinkles around the eye area.

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