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Fish Oil and Wrinkles – How Can Consuming Fish Oil Help to Fight Wrinkles?

Recent medical researches suggest a very deep and intricate relationship between fish oil and wrinkles. In fact, doctors are nowadays of the opinion that instead of subjecting your facial and neck wrinkles to an endless barrage of wrinkle lift products, supplements, beauty therapies and facials, home remedies and beauty recipes, if you consumed fish oil and citrus fruits regularly, right from your childhood, it would help to fight wrinkles better. And it will also delay the signs of ageing.

Why superficial methods don’t work?

When you go in for hydrating facials spending hundreds of dollars on super expensive spa treatments or massage in tons and tons of an arsenal of wrinkle control products into your skin, you just moisturize and hydrate your skin and keep the skin feeling soft, supple, silky and smooth. No amount of beauty products or spa or salon treatments or creams and lotions or essential oils can make your wrinkles disappear!

Ageing is after all a natural biological process and an inevitable one at that. It is pretty irreversible as well, until and unless you take the help of surgery such as skin lift, threading face lift, invasive and non invasive face lift surgeries etc. Only aesthetic surgeries can completely eliminate wrinkles and wipe 20 years off your face. Otherwise if you want to prevent wrinkles, you have to fight them from within.

Fish oil and wrinkles

But if you regularly consume certain kinds of fishes and fish oils as well, you can prevent the formation of wrinkles. The reason is the presence of essential omega 3 fatty acids in fish oils. If you suffer from any kind of nutritional deficiency in your body, it can be corrected through the intake of fish oils and your skin will also become vibrant, supple, healthy and younger looking, thanks to regular consumption of fish oils.

To elucidate more on fish oil and wrinkles, you should consume deep water fishes like salmon, sardines, hockey or you may eat fish such as bass or hilsa or cod or carp. Most kinds of fish oils are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and if sourcing fishes is a problem, then you can always fall back on omega 3 fatty acids fish oil supplements and cod liver oil capsules. Premature skin ageing, wrinkles and fine lines will become a distant nightmare.

While still on the topic of fish oil and wrinkles, I must warn you that not all kinds of fish oils are beneficial. There is a fish native to New Zealand known as hoki fish which is famed for providing the most beneficial and purest variety of fish oil which you ought to consume to fight wrinkles.

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