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Functional Keratin – Natural Wrinkle Remedy

What is functional keratin that makes it the natural wrinkle remedy and remover?

It is difficult to find a wrinkle remover that really works well. Usually it is because of the ingredients or lack of the proper compounds that work.

That’s important because some skin care formulas can claim to be all natural but not have the ingredients that will work. Water is 100% natural and good for washing the skin but outside of supplying some hydration when we drink it, it won’t restore that youthful look.

Many companies promote the use of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in their skin care formulas. However, when these three ingredients are applied topically they do very little if any good. You might just as well smear butter or strawberry jelly on your face. They do well on toast not the face.

Functional Keratin – What is it?

A pair of proteins that are part of compound mixture called Cynergy TK. It is taken from the wool of sheep that is found in New Zealand. It is identical to the keratin protein that is found in our skin.

When this ingredient is put in wrinkle formulas it will encourage the production of skin cells. It will make new skin tissue, increase skin thickness and increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin. This because of the zinc and copper protein complexes that this compound uses for the repair and maintenance of your skin.

In simple terms, what happens is that new collagen and elastin is produced by the body. This encourages the body to do what it knows how to do but perhaps has slowed down doing it. Once you start using functional keratin, you will notice in a few weeks a change in your appearance.

One More Step

Cynergy TK combined with functional keratin and a sea kelp known as Phytessence Wakame will help halt the destroying of hyaluronic acid in your skin. This reduces lines and wrinkles.

The most effective wrinkle cream remedies contain Cynergy TK, functional keratin and Phytessence Wakame. If your anti wrinkle cream doesn’t contain at least these three, you probably are wasting your money, time and effort. To learn more see the next paragraph.

And now please visit the XtendSkinCare website listed below for updated information on natural wrinkle remedies and natural wrinkle remover.

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