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GHR1000 Human Growth Hormone Product Review

Everybody wants to have a younger and healthier looking body. The sad fact is that everybody grows old and some of the effects of aging affect the quality of how we live our lives. Some people go through exercises, diets and cosmetic surgery just to rejuvenate their aging body. The use of Human Growth Hormone treatment on the other hand is a convenient alternative to these methods.

Taking Human Growth Hormone releasers offers you better convenience compared to daily exercises and diets. They also offer a more cost effective alternative to cosmetic surgeries. Most of the top HGH products available today are all-natural making them safe and free from harmful side effects.

GHR1000 is a dietary supplement designed to improve certain nutrient levels in the body resulting in a healthier, younger and more energized body. It contains a mix of amino acids that helps increase the levels of Human Growth Hormone in the body by naturally stimulating the pituitary glands.

Like many of the HGH products available in the market today, GHR1000 is designed to increase the levels of Human Growth Hormones in the body. HGH treatments have long been used for reversing some of the effects of aging but have remained expensive and out of reach for most people. With the use of these HGH pills the same benefits of HGH injections are made available through inexpensive products.

Benefits of GHR1000

The product has been affectionately referred to as a “poor man’s” HGH. It has proven particularly popular among body builders as a dietary supplement for improving muscle size and tone. Other benefits include better stamina, decreased wrinkles and a visibly younger looking body. Body builders report that GHR1000 also…

  • Improves the results of workouts
  • Increases stamina
  • Rejuvenates overall physical performance by restoring youthful energy
  • Increases bone density
  • Improves metabolism, reduces body fat levels

GHR1000 is in danger of alienating itself from most of the HGH market. Although it has proven itself as popular dietary supplement for athletes or the active members of the body builder community, it has failed to address other concerns. Most of the market for HGH treatments look for products which can help you not only feel better but more importantly look better.

Each tablet contains the best ingredients currently being used by HGH products. However, some of the ingredients have yet to be proven clinically making their rating drop a notch lower. This being said, GHR1000 has proven success particularly in muscle building but if you’re looking for a truly all around product users might try searching else.

All ingredients have been proven safe making this product available even without a prescription. However, GHR1000 is only available through online purchases so you won’t be able to locate the product in any convenience store anywhere soon.


GHR1000 comes in the form of a bottle containing 90 tablets. It is recommended that users take 3 tablets a day which makes them good for 30 days. At $79.99 per bottle and $7.95 for shipping, GHR1000 is pricier compared to the other leading HGH products like GENF20 Plus.

From a marketing point of view, a lot of work should be done on the product’s website. Compared to the other top HGH product’s websites, GRH1000 is pretty dismal. A great looking site with a fair amount of information explaining what the product can do helps reinforce trust among customers.

Product Comparison

Taking everything into account, GHR1000 does not really bring a complete overall product. Though it has found some success in some sectors of the HGH market, it fails to address some of the major concerns related to aging. Most of the top HGH releaser products like GENF20 Plus brings a better all-around package and have been proven effective not only in improving muscle size but in helping people look and feel younger.

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