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Hemorrhoid Cream? The Secret Facelift Cream Your Plastic Surgeon Does not Want You To Know About

Hemorrhoid cream has been used by many popular middle age movie stars for years as a secret way to reduce wrinkles. It works quickly and effectively in a short time. Hemorrhoid cream is a quick and effective way to treat hemorrhoids. It contains an active ingredient called hamamelis water. It is an astringent (shrink or constrict body tissue). As a result, the hemorrhoid shrinks and therefore relieving pain and discomfort when the cream is applied on the area. It also acts as vasoconstrictor (reduces blood vessel size) and therefore tightens up the skin.

If the cream can shrink swollen hemorrhoid then this would also reduce wrinkles and shrink eye bags. It has been well known within the medical community that some active ingredients are used in small quantities in normal everyday face creams.

However, do not try it at home! Hemorrhoid cream can cause severe allergic reaction if too much is applied on your face. It may even make you look worse. One of the typical side effects are that your skin will redden and your face will be swollen. The cream also contain steroids that can cause your skin to easily easily and bring out imperfections of your face.

If you use any other cream that is specifically not designed and tested for your face, please avoid using it! They are dangerous and can permanently destroy your skin. The most effective way to reduce wrinkles are to buy creams that are natural and designed for the face.

Plastic surgery of the face is another effective way in reducing wrinkles. Make sure the surgeon is qualified Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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