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How Caffeine Can Lead to Wrinkles

To have clear and radiant skin, you will have to maintain a healthy and balanced routine in all spheres of your life and adopt certain changes. Only when you are healthy inside can you shine on the outside. One easy thing that you can do is refrain from drinking beverages with caffeine content like coffee and soda. Caffeine, which is addictive in nature, and is a part of a lot of beverages, sucks the moisture off your skin. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles and other visible fine lines. To add to that, caffeine acts like a potential diuretic, which leads to higher water loss from the body in the form of urine. This further leads to moisture loss from your skin. You can always try to replenish your skin by using moisturising lotions but its always better to tackle the problem at its root cause.

Drinking lots of water is also very important for maintaining good skin. You can also have other drinks like unprocessed fruit juices and coconut milk. With more liquid content, your skin will be relatively resistant to developing wrinkles. Besides the skin, water is also good for other organs and metabolic systems of the body.

People must try and substitute caffeine for other healthier drinks. Caffeine has other injurious effects besides the ones on skin. Thus, it is better to leave it altogether. However, as it is mildly addictive, it can be a little difficult letting go of it. If that is the case, you must gradually affect the abstinence, by reducing your intake per week until you no longer need it to begin your day.

Here’s hoping that you have a caffeine free life and wrinkle free skin!

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