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How MakeUp Causes Wrinkles – Find Out What Ingredients in MakeUp Can Cause Wrinkles

If you are wondering how makeup causes wrinkles, you’ve come to the right place. It isn’t that all cosmetics cause them (and they are certainly not the only cause). It all depends on the ingredients they contain. Excessive dryness, free radical damage, overexposure to the sun, cigarette smoking, the breakdown of collagen and other factors can all be held responsible for the signs of facial aging. The ingredients in cosmetics can cause excessive dryness and free radical damage.

The harsh cleansers required to remove some kinds of makeup can cause excessive dryness. Application methods that require pulling on the skin, particularly the delicate area around the eyes, can damage the collagen fibers, causing them to lose their elasticity. The lost elasticity can lead to bags under the eyes and wrinkling.

On the other hand, if it is applied carefully and contains good ingredients that are easy to remove, it might help protect against one of the major causes of wrinkling. That cause is sun damage. The best brands are those that have a zinc oxide and titanium dioxide base. Those are organic compounds that provide the best known protection (other than clothing) against UV A and B radiation.

So, it’s not really about how makeup causes wrinkles, it’s about how some brands and some application techniques can cause or at least contribute to their formation. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide do not penetrate through the skin’s layers as many sun-screening chemicals do. So, they are perfectly safe. They may also provide protection against some types of skin cancer.

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are not minor sun-screening agents. They are “major” ones. So, if you choose a brand containing them, you should be safe. To further increase your safety, use an anti-aging facial moisturizer every day, before you apply your makeup. Be sure that the ingredients in the moisturizer are safe, natural and have antioxidant activity to protect against free radical damage.

So, now you know how makeup causes wrinkles and what to do about it.

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