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How to Cover Wrinkles & Scars on Your Face

As our skin ages is become less elastic and thinner, collagen and elastin are the tissues that keep the skin firm, they become weaker thus causing wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines and other visual signs of aging. Anti wrinkle treatments have been developed to repair the skin from these problems.

There are different ways to rejuvenate the skin depending on the severity of your problem, how you want to do it and your budget.

There are anti aging treatments that require surgery intervention, there are other treatments that are less invasive, there are injection fillers, cosmetic fillers and anti wrinkle creams.

Cover your Wrinkles and Scars

Most people want a quick solution that will cover their wrinkles and scars on the face. Collagen injection fillers are used to cover wrinkles it works, it can cause a little discomfort although it is not a long term solution.

Cosmetic wrinkle fillers can also help you cover up wrinkles instantly without the need of any surgeon intervention, just applying it topically. However wrinkle fillers will not last long they will cover wrinkles for a short term. But i must warn you that alcohol wrinkle fillers are not safe for your skin, because they dry the skin and cause more wrinkles.

You should ask your dermatologist and doctor about cosmetic fillers and injection fillers so he can make a correct evaluation of what you is good for your skin condition. Those injection fillers can be effective to cover up scars to so ask your doctor.

Anti wrinkle Creams to Remove Wrinkles

Now, if you want to really get rid of wrinkles, you need to do it from the inside out, that means that you should increase the natural production of collagen in your body, therefore erasing wrinkles and fine liens gradually.

The most effective anti wrinklec creams are natural and they do not contain any chemical ingredients, just natural or organic ingredients that are safe to use and dont produce any secondary effects.

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